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Hi there! I am ecstatic that you want to collaborate with me!

Features on the @theartofbujo

Are you a new account starting out? Wanting to be featured to gain more engagement or grow your account? Well this blog post will help you.

How features work on the @theartofbujo

You need to Tag and #theartofbujo to be seen. Commenting with a tag in the comments or caption will not get seen as we receive over 4000 notifications a day. Direct messaging the post to us wont work either, I don’t save pictures, as my DM box would fill up so fast.

So I will walk you through the process of who we select which accounts to feature.

  1. We go through the tagged posts looking for posts that match the current theme
  2. We then go through the #theartofbujo posts and look for posts matching the current theme.
  3. I then schedule the posts a week before the theme is due, using an Instagram scheduling tool, so that I am not on Instagram all day and night.
  4. We work from the bottom of the saved posts to the top.
  5. None of the featured are paid features, essentially you just need to wait your turn.
  6. If you would like to jump the line and get ahead of someone else, you are more than welcome to purchase a story post for 24hours for $35 and we will clearly state on the image that it is a sponsored paid post.

Brand Collaborations

We take brand collaborations seriously. I want to make sure we are offering the brands we work with value for money and return on the investment, so the Brand Collaboration needs to be aligned.

My Media Kit

I will always be open about the statistics from your campaign and will do my best to make sure your feature is perfect

Some of the ways we can collaborate are the following:

  • Featured products and advertising space
  • Hosting Giveaways for you
  • Product Reviews
  • Affiliate links or codes for followers to use




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