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Hi! My Name is Nicola and I am a planner addict!

Let’s start off with the basics, Who is Nicola? I am a single mom to a gorgeous little boy.

I grew up in South Africa, and as an only child I had to keep myself entertained. I was ALWAYS into entrepreneurial things, like paying to see my terrible magic shows, making cup holders out of tin cans and selling those as Christmas gifts to family. When it came time to study, I thought without a doubt I would go into something creative, BUT my mother had other ideas and told me I needed to study something that would land me a “real job”.

When I lost my mother to Mental Illness in 2007, I decided to move to Thailand or almost 2 years, I was introduced Mindfulness and how to bring it into the workplace. I started bringing this into my creative journaling and created a space for my creativity while focusing on my career. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to regulate emotions and deescalate a busy mind.

I found however – even though I was extremely productive and planned every. single. thing. down to the last minute, it was always creative and in a creative space. So I made the decision to combine the two! And here I am!

I created this blog as hub of inspiration for you, to start being creative and productive. They shouldn’t be 2 seperate topics and we can combine them!

I am so excited to be helping you create magic. I want to make things as simple for you as possible, I want you to feel comfortable to try things!

Please let me know if there is anything we can do to improve or any feedback you may have!

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