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my inner creative

Hi Lovely!

Welcome to My Inner Creative

Hi, My name is Nicola and I am addicted to Bullet Journals, Stationery and gorgeous spreads and layouts. If you would like to learn more about me and where some of my work has been featured head on over to our about page!

I am so happy you are here and if you have any questions at all - don't be shy to email us at

New on the Blog

February Bullet Journal Planning – Plan with me!

Hello February you gorgeous month you! Are you ready to do my February Plan with Me and have a peek inside my journal for Feb? This month, I am again using my Scribbles that Matter Bullet Planner dated for 2019. My theme this month was Space/Galaxy themed because Isabel from @isabelhoops created a ... READ the POST

4 Creative lettering styles for your Bullet Journal

Finding your own creative style in your bujo can be really hard. Here we have put together 4 styles of watercolor lettering to be an alternative and creative lettering styles for your bullet journal.  If you are looking for more "how to letter" tutorials - don't be shy to head over and check ... READ the POST

Travel Inspired bullet journal layout

Creating a travel inspired bullet journal layout for a holiday can be so much fun! It can add to the excitement, and it can capture those special moments when you're away. So should you carry 1 journal and add it to your normal journal or should you get a dedicated journal for travelling? This is ... READ the POST

Simple easy and uncluttered spread the ideas for Bullet journaling + January Plan with me

We have spoken about this before. Comparison. And this became really evident during a recent discussion on the official Bullet journal Instagram page. Here is the post - You will see that the post mentioned us - because we fought for equality and won!  So the original post said "content ... READ the POST

12 Music Themed Bullet Journal Spreads

We all have an affinity to music and these 12 amazing Music themed bullet journal spreads really just make us sing with joy! Literally. So let's talk about some of the reasons music is so special to us and our wellbeing! We also have a quick fire set of some of our favorite spreads from this ... READ the POST

17 Routine spreads in your bullet journal to bring you more structure!

Lets talk about routines and what they mean to you. Routine spreads in your bullet journal can help you track those habits good and bad! We all have routines at some level and having these help us get through the day quickly and effectively. Sometimes though we end up in a negative routine and this ... READ the POST