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Bullet journal theme inspiration by color

Looking for specific color themed inspiration? We have done the hard work for you, rounding up the weekly the most popular Bullet Journal Inspiration By Color! Just click on the color below to go through to the inspiration!

We have over 1000+ inspirational bullet journal spreads and layouts in every colors you could imagine, from monochromatic to bright and colorful!

We have every single color and combination you can think of got bullet journal themes, bullet journal weekly spreads, monthly spreads and more! Inspiration for your bullet journal has never been easier to find! If you are looking for inspiration by theme, head into our HUGE A-Z list of themes!

Getting started with BuJo color themes below, we cover all the colors of the rainbow, and include other colors like brown, black, gold, pastel, rainbow and more. This means if you are looking for a specific bullet journal color scheme or palette, chances are we have it!

Red bullet journal layouts and spreadsorange bullet journal spreads and layoutyellow bullet journal spreads and layoutsgreen bullet journal spreads and layoutsBlue bullet journal spreads and layoutPurple bullet journal spreads and layoutsPink bullet journal spreads and layoutsgold bullet journal spreads and layoutsbrown bullet journal spreads and layouts black bullet journal spreads and layouts Minimal bullet journal spreads and layouts

Bullet journal color schemes and themes

Finding the perfect theme for you and your bullet journal spread can be a challenge! Its why we have tried to make this as easy as possible to find! These bullet journal ideas will have your mind running with themes and color palettes that you may not have even tried in the past!

In all our inspirational posts, we try to include some very simple bullet journal spreads to try, to make it easy for any BuJo Beginner.

We also include some amazingly artistic bullet journal spreads and themes. This is not to intimidate bullet journal beginners, it is to provide eye candy and inspiration to all.

Remember, making your bullet journal your own is critical to making the system work for you!

Why is sticking to a color theme in my bullet journal a good idea?

You might just like a particular color in your bullet journal, OR it might be that you have made the color be representative of certain months within your BuJo meaning that your weekly and monthly bullet journal spreads are all similar colors or similar theme and feel. Personally I love sticking with one theme for the month.

Bullet journal pages can be easily found when they are color coordinated and also it could be that you group collections by color too.

We have tried to capture bujo inspiration for every color available but sometimes we might have missed a color, if we have – do not be shy to pop us an email about it! ([email protected])




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