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I’m Nicola

Welcome to my world of creativity, productivity, and personal growth! I’m an unapologetic productivity addict who thrives on making magic happen in both the creative and professional realms. This my inner creative and Hi! I am Nicola.

My journey from a South African upbringing to becoming a mindful, creative entrepreneur has been nothing short of exhilarating.

Growing up as an only child in South Africa, I quickly discovered my flair for the entrepreneurial. From staging hilariously terrible magic shows to crafting cup holders out of tin cans and selling them as Christmas gifts, I was always eager to explore new ways to bring my creative visions to life. Despite my natural inclination towards creativity, my mother had different plans for my future. The pressure to pursue a “real job” led me down a path of studying science, mining, and occupational health and safety.

Tragedy struck when I lost my mother to Mental Illness in 2007. In search of solace and growth, I embarked on a transformative journey to Thailand, where I discovered the power of mindfulness. Integrating mindfulness into my life brought clarity and balance, and I found myself channeling this newfound wisdom into my creative pursuits. The fusion of mindfulness and creativity ignited a revelation: productivity and creativity should not exist in separate silos.

And thus, the seeds of my blog were sown. This platform is a wellspring of inspiration, dedicated to helping you unlock your creative potential while optimizing your productivity. I am fueled by a burning desire to simplify the complex and make the extraordinary accessible to all. My mission is to empower you to embrace your creativity with open arms, guided by the principles of mindfulness.

My academic journey has been a kaleidoscope of experiences, each contributing to the mosaic of who I am today. From science to oil and gas, from Australia to New Zealand, and through the corridors of organizational management and sustainability, my diverse educational pursuits have shaped me into a holistic thinker and a relentless problem-solver.

In 2018, my thirst for creativity led me to a diploma that turned into an obsession. The exploration of customer obsession fueled my fire, and I carried this passion into my role at the HS innovation team at Worksafe, New Zealand’s regulatory authority for occupational health and safety. An unexpected secondment to the Chief Māori Advisor further enriched my perspective on leadership, Te Ao Māori thinking and community engagement.

My ultimate goal is to guide you on a transformative journey, where creativity and productivity intertwine, unlocking your full potential. I’m here to simplify, inspire, and empower you to embrace the enchanting dance of creativity and productivity.

I am passionately devoted to productivity because it is the backbone of unleashing my creative potential. Embracing organization and efficiency not only empowers me to bring my ideas to life but also amplifies the joy of creation. The harmony between productivity and creativity is where innovation flourishes, and I’m thrilled to guide you on this remarkable voyage of self-discovery and achievement.

Thank you for joining me on this exhilarating adventure. Your feedback and insights are invaluable, and I’m here to listen and grow with you. Let’s embark on this journey together and make the ordinary extraordinary.

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Mossery Co

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I love love all foods

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Q&A by Vikus Swarup

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