40 Mind blowing Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads

Updated 21 September 2019 now at 65+ amazing minimal bullet journal spreads

Minimalism; what an interesting topic, and creating minimalist bullet journal spreads are no different. This week I could not stick to just a handful of spreads…because some of those minimalist bullet journal spreads were gorgeous and I just had to share them! SO I settled on 47!

What is Minimalism in your bullet journal?

minimalist prefers the minimal amount or degree of something. … The art they created is also referred to as minimalist. A white canvas with one black line might be a typical minimalist painting. But anyone who likes things very simple could be called a minimalist.

I was interested to know if being a minimalist actually creates more mind space. So I did some googling! In a post by psychology today they cover some of the benefits of minimalist and some of those included:

  • Reclaiming time and being more present
  • more space to do connected things with people
  • Focus on your health
  • create space within yourself to give back to others.

Whats funny is my partner (in New Zealand we call the person you are in a relationship with a Partner regardless of gender) is a minimalist, and he is so easy to move, clothing, a box of documents and the tv. He is not on social media and I think probably lives a way more connected lift than I do!

Why is minimalism hard to do in your bullet journal?

Because we seem to get caught up in other people’s business, I saw a post recently that commented on why someone should include tracking something they don’t actually do. Its because we think that there is a standard practice for everything bujo, when in fact there really isn’t.

How many people keep a minimalist bullet journal?

There are tons of people who have dedicated accounts to minimal bullet journal spreads. Just searching #minimalbujo brings up thousands!

5 Simple Minimal bullet journal spreads:

I wrote a really fun post for Archer and Olive and created this little video to help those wanting to also create really simple spreads! So here are 5 ways you can create the easiest spreads in your bullet journal!

The Features

So lets have a look at those gorgeous minimalist bullet journal spreads from the week! If you are looking for our previous post (if your are desperate for more than these exceptional minimalist pages!) I suggest you go check it out over here! This takes you to the category to see all the amazing spreads collected!

What I love about this post is that It keeps your daily schedule so simple and on one page. If you have similar days this works well for you to see what is coming up in your day!

I really love how this spread has a little bit of charm with the brown paper and a little bit of simplicity with the headings!

I love how clean and simple this looks! This is so great and the handwriting is incredible!

Here you can see some time tracking coupled with the awesomeness of minimal spreads!

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