30 of the most amazing Rainbow planner Ideas!

Wanting some Ideas for your awesome Amy Tangerine Be happy Box, with the Rainbow Classic Happy planner? Or are you just looking for rainbow themes or rainbow ideas for your planner? Here we have 30 amazing rainbow planner spreads, and if you are looking for more, we have a whole rainbow category just waiting for you to enjoy!

Are you wanting Bullet Journal Specific rainbow specific theme inspiration? Try this post for more rainbow inspiration!

Now there isn’t much we can talk about the rainbow that hasn’t been discussed before, but I thought these fun facts might keep you moderately entertained!

  1. Rainbows is a phenomena caused by refraction, light reflection, and dispersion in water droplets.
  2. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Also known as ROYGBIV.
  3. A person standing next to you is standing in a slightly different spot and sees the rainbow different because they see different raindrops.
    On the ground, we only see a semi-circle rainbow but from very high up, such as on an airplane, you can see a rainbow in a complete circle.
  4. “Rainbow” comes from the Latin arcus pluvius, meaning “rainy arch.
  5. Double rainbows occur when light bounces inside the water droplet more than once.
    The state of Hawaii is home to the most Rainbows than any other area on Earth.

I personally love my rainbow planner too!

Here are some examples of my rainbow use in my happy planner as well as my bullet journal!

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So lets get started on our featured rainbow planner ideas, Its the first time we are including planners into the mix, so this is an exciting step forward!

Our gorgeous featured rainbow planner themes

I adore this rainbow theme, it just feels so happy!


Here Jess uses her BuJo to create a gorgeous washi rainbow weekly spread! What a fabulous bullet journal idea!


I love all the rainbow use in this erin condren planner, it feels so happy and so vibrant!


Simple but sweet, thia adorable rainbow spread is just divine!


Using all the stunning stickers from “radiate positivity” also I love how they have swapped out the rainbow disks for metal rainbow disks, what a great addition!


What a lovely simple way of adding rainbows to the mix here! Loving it!


Rhio always makes the most stunning spreads with pencils! This one is amazing with its gorgeous rainbow back drop!


I love the use of this erin condren planner, this is such a stunning rainbow kit and everything just screams pride and happiness here!


Another stunning use of the happy planner, be happy box! Gabe has nailed it!


Simple and effective! Love it!


What a stunning way of using the Hononichi with rainbows! I really love how the water color looks on the page!


As always, Isabel makes the rest of us look like amateurs with this stunning rainbow representation in her bullet journal.


Another super cute rainbow spread idea in this erin condren planner


It feels like fractured glass! And I love it! Each little section brings in such a pop of color!


Another gorgeous use of the be happy box planner! How stunning is this rainbow layout?


The queen of florals, bonnie, uses these simple pastel colors to create a stunning rainbow spread in her planner


And the queen of rainbows herself, Amy Tan, hits us straight between the eyes with this stunning rainbow spread! I love everything about it!


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