31 Black-Out journal spreads to inspire you!

When I first got my hand on the Black Out notebook from Archer and Olive,   I actually felt a little overwhelmed! Would I be limited to colors if I use only black paper? How would this work long term if I didnt have white to write on? So I went hunting for some awesome Black-Out journal spreads to inspire both of us!

What is the black out journal?

Oh!! Its this divine, 160gsm notebook, with black paper/pages – you’ll see there are small grey white dots on it for the normal 0.5mm dot grid notebook you have come to be used to. 

What pens can I use on my dot grid journal? 

The best pens to use are those that are gel, and really light pastel colors. I highly recommend the sakura gelly roll pens which are really vibrant on the paper. The other pens I would probably recommend are the Karin Markers which are metallic and show up beautifully on the page! 

The other thing I like to use is the DR Martins Bleedproof White – Which is perfect if you want brush lettering or a splatter effect on the page!

What else can I use in my Black out Journal?

I highly recommend using stickers! We have some really cute stickers for your Black Out journal in the store. The reason stickers are so great is they give you the option of creating some additional white or conventional white space that you might need for notes if you do not have your gelly roll with you.

Can I do black pages in my normal bullet journal?

Of course you can! And if you are looking for some inspiration for those using some black and white themed spreads you can find them here!

Do people like using the Black Out notebook or Journal?

There have been mixed reviews and some love it and some don’t. I think like anything there are people that will really take to a new idea and some that wont. 

As you already probably know I am a guest blogger over at A&O and I personally love the black out book, BUT I personally like only using small bits of it and scraps to create a different feel in my journal. In my blog post “6 Ways to use your black out journal a little differently” I cover some simple ways you can incorporate the journal into your day to day. 

Our featured Black out Notebook and Journal Spreads!

How cute is this mix of stickers and gel pens! Love it!


Nabaa makes a stunning summer splash with this cute and vibrant watermelons!


Simple pen testing page is all you need to get started!


Erin makes tracking look like a breeze with this these two spreads! I also love her use of metallic markers to give the paper and the page a real POP!


Hayley nails it here with this stunning black and white design!


Super cute summer spread filled with icecream! Kinda looks like little neon lights!


Another great mix of pen and stickers for a really effective mood tracker spread


In LOVE with these cute pages by Khayla!


From the Queen herself, Bonnie, owner of Archer and Olive, Never seems to disapoint in the spread department! Both these spreads are positively amazing!


I love the simple and minimal nature of this spread by Samantha!


The girls over at Barcode bujo have really taken the black out journal to another level! The art and the simplicity is just gorgeous!


In LOVE with this stunning lettering in the black out note book! It really gives the page a pop with the bright colors! The vibrance is amazing!


More lettering to fuel your inspiration!


I love the use of monthly sticker dates for this spread! The gold makes it extra awesome!


This is so bold! I love it!


Really cute journaling page! Absolutely love how it came out!


More super minimal white on black!


Love how feminine this feels! 


Stunning florals! 


Another brilliant spread (and that handwriting is just so lush!) from Khayla!


How great is this Zendoodle? It looks amazing on the black out notebook paper!


Masha makes the most of her space and creates a really fun and practical spread!


I love how this is creative and it has space for notes! Brilliant!


Gorgeous space theme – with some awesome start signs mixed in! Love how every day of the week is divided up!


Anna always shows gorgeous spreads!


Rose made this really fun page with her white pen! I love all the different styles of lettering!


I really love the use of stickers here! Its like a black hobonichi! 


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