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The Ultimate low cost Christmas Gift Guide for those that Bullet Journal

You’re stumped on what to get your friend, mom, sister, cat babysitter, kids teacher. You name it, it can be a challenge thinking of what to get someone for Christmas. Its hard enough thinking of your own gifts for yourself let alone yourself. So I have made it easy for you! I have divided this post into those who like planning and those who love to bullet journal. You can read about some great gifts to get planners here. So here we go, the ultimate Christmas bullet journal gift guide!

This list is here to help those of you that aren’t completely conversant with the all encompassing bullet journal world and might find it a little daunting finding things for secret santa gifts or just caring gifts. ALSO when you start googling “bullet journal” there are so many resources that come up, it can feel incredibly overwhelming!  Fear not! I am here to help!

Why do you know what people want?

Because I do! I run this blog and 2 Instagram pages dedicated to journaling and planning, so I know what people are definitely keen on! I see so often posts about what people should want to get for themselves so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a list of some great things that are cheap and cheerful and meet any budget! 

Another thing about me; is that my language of love is gifts, I love giving gifts and I (while I get really embarrassed!) love receiving gifts! So I feel like I am more than qualified to tell you some good ideas around what to get!

Nancy Newbie – Bullet Journal Method Newbie

Nancy is new the bullet journaling world. She has recently gotten the basics, a notebook, some pens and is still kind of starting out. You can spot her easily because she has show her work a couple of times on Instagram, or talks about it briefly. If you have seen her journal, you’ll know she is still working out how she feels about the method, and really trying to hone in on how she can best use it. So why not give Nancy a hand. 

Unless Nancy is a natural artist, she is probably working on her hand lettering and also trying to find her creative groove with her journal.

Here are some clever things that Nancy would LOVE to get as a secret Santa or Christmas gift:


Mark the Minimalist 

Mark is a friend, a work colleague, brother, cousin….etc. He has been using the bullet journal method for a while. He has a notebook, some pens and something he calls “washi” tape. To the passerby he looks like he has everything he needs for his journaling. His look however is minimal, and like sticking to the hand drawn spreads he knows. He has some basic pens and is happy to talk to you about how the bullet journal method has improved his life.

When you look at Marks planner it might feel like he is very organised and has a simplified way of looking at life, but even those people need some cool things to add to their journal repertoire! 

So what sorts of gifts can we get a bujo minimalist and what will they like?

These clever stencils measure the page for you! How easy is that!? Its one of my personal favorite tools and I use this often to map out my layouts!

This stencil and ruler from Jaydens Apple really covers off all the basics - while a little more pricey at $35usd - are really beautifully made and high quality! It gives you the ability to make circle trackers, and also has a monthly stencil and a couple of icons. It really is a catch all and fits beautifully in any journal

Penny Perpetual Planner - Loves everything bullet journal and planner related and seems like she has everything!

You know penny from a mile away! She has a bucket load of notebooks for note taking, and is always on top of all the things coming up or being planned. Penny is really into the bullet journal method and is the the first one to admit she has ALL the planner things. So It might look like she has everything. But in fact, she probably yearns for a couple things she hasn’t really been able to buy yet! So this is your opportunity to get her some lovely things!

Archer and Olive make some gorgeously Lush and luxury notebooks, they are a little higher on the price scale at $35usd but absolutely worth it and every journalists dream notebook! 

floral bullet journal spreads

Penny would also probably love some lush pens! These gorgeous pens from Kelly Creates are lovely and a lettering artists dream!

Sarah so-so - Hasn't really gotten into the Bullet journal method yet but is interested

Sarah is someone who has briefly spoken about the Bullet Journal method - She hasn't quite gotten started yet, and she’s feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options. I would love to be Sarah again! One of the things Sarah is worried about is not being creative enough to even start her journal. Never fear, she probably hasn’t even bought a journal yet! So Sarah I feel is the easiest to by for because you can bundle a whole bunch of cheaper things for her to start!

Cheap and Cheerful! This cute washitape holder is only $6.77 and can easily make someone happy!

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