Using your undated planner as a wedding journal and planner! + Free Mood Board printable and Memory Prompt

Hi! Today I’m going to start a 6 month journey to planning a wedding in Feb 2020. Why? Because I can. Well maybe some background to this. When I became a NZ citizen, I promised to myself and to my new country of citizenship I would give back to the community.

SO! I became a celebrant, volunteered at Victims support and much much more. I was so grateful to New Zealand for giving me the opportunity to live there for ever, and not a day goes by when I am not utterly grateful. 

One of the things I noticed when I became a celebrant (I am not one now, I let my licence lapse – oopsie!) Is that the bride is usually flat tack planning stuff – Here in NZ we are all about initiative and doing things ourselves and doing things on a budget. And because of this “Can-do” attitude – we tend to do a lot of the things ourselves. Also! Who doesn’t want a cheap wedding!?

If you want to see how Erin Floto planned her wedding on a budget – check out that post here.

So this got me thinking, of all the Brides I saw and consulted with, (really my part was tiny in the greater scheme of weddings right) all of them seemed to really forget to take a breath and appreciate the journey “down the aisle” – and take time to reflect on some of the things that went really well! So today we are going to look at some ways to pull together a mood board for your wedding and how that could look in your undated planner. 

I am using my undated planner because I want the flexibility of starting whenever, you can grab your own over at Archer and Olive – I am using the Undated B5 planner for this planning series. 

In the series we are covering:

  1. Engagement and Mood Boards
  2. 6 months of planning and budgets
  3. 3 months to go!
  4. The last month and self-care!

For a couple of these posts I have teamed up with the amazing Erin Floto – Who has recently gotten married to help with some of these awesome series of posts! YAY!

Congratulations! You are engaged!

Wow! Did that come from nowhere? Or was thins something you are your partner had been planning? It doesn’t matter how it happened, but it happened and now you are planning for a wedding that could be 1yr out or 6 months out.

One of the first things I want to draw attention to, is keeping a note on your engagement day, maybe with some pictures of what happened or even just write down your feelings around this. It doesn’t need to be insanely long winded! But definitely jot down things like:

  • How did you feel?
  • What was the weather like?
  • Were you eating or drinking at the time?
  • Did you get a ring?
  • How did your partner look and feel?

Here are a few ways I created to capture the day:

Setting and Date and Starting the Planning!

Ok! You said yes – Now the next part is getting to the point you say “I Do”! Exciting! So as a first start we are going to pull together a mood board, because if like me, you would head straight to pinterest and start creating a board.

BUT you don’t always have your phone on you, or you might want something more visual to check in with. Somethings to add to your mood board:

  • Colors and palettes you might really like!
  • Flower arrangements
  • Venues
  • Bridal Hair and makeup or even nail styles
  • Dresses and designs

By creating a simple “vision board” or “mood board” you can kinda see what your plans are and how you can tie things back to this, or plan your schemes and conversations around this. 

I used my monthly space in my undated planner to do this, kinda scrapbooking the images. One of the sneaky things I did was create some cute photo stickers to sticker over rather than using my instax images. It’s very much a feeling board over anything else. 

You’ll see I’ve created some really fun feeling scrap book pages. I think something I really like about the B5 size of the Archer and Olive Undated planner is that you can really have a lot of space to play! I adore that I can add in heaps of pictures. 

What are some of the best things I need to wedding journal/plan?

I have rounded up some awesome products below, as well as somethings you might like to make things easier for you:

Would you like to watch the full video on how I did this? You can watch it here:

Creating a mood board or a vision board is something you can use as a reference going forward! How cool would it be for you to just flick to a page that you have already preplanned in your journal or planner that correlates with a question a vendor or family might be asking. You can download your own free mood board printable here

Inspirational Mood Board Bullet Journals and Planners!

Here are some other great inspirational mood boards in planners and journals, not specifically wedding related, but can be with some tweaking. Essentially a mood board can be anything you are considering planning for, big events, life goals, buying a house and much more. It can really help you laser focus where you put your intent. 

wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal
wedding planning bullet journal

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