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Emma - EmmaStudiessI had an assignment for my course in Digital Design and creativity! The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. So I approached some big names in Instagram and asked them a couple of questions! If you want to see more interviews check here!

Emma from emmastudiess was one of them – if you haven’t checked out her instagram – you need to! Its filled with gorgeous work on studying! Her “about me ” page is so sweet and gives some amazing insight to her!

If you are wanting to see where she hangs out you can find her over at Pinterest, twitter, her awesome etsy store and obviously youtube

When did your Journey Start?

I started my blog (emmastudies.com) in October 2014! I was having a really tough time studying for my first set of big exams. I was really unmotivated and was completing avoiding the subjects I didn’t enjoy! I was already using Tumblr so was familiar with the platform. Whilst procrastinating on there one day I just decided to look up study motivation. I found a couple of blogs dedicated to studying, but nowhere near the amount there is today! I followed about 5 blogs and felt really inspired for the next few weeks. I’d had many Tumblr blogs since I started in 2011, so I thought I’d just make a study one for myself! That is when emmastudies began 🙂

How did you get into this niche?

I really got into it because I lacked motivation and an interest in studying! I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it if I didn’t find it beneficial! It’s definitely taken time to grow but it is bigger than ever. Now that there is ‘studygram’ on Instagram, the concept is much wider. I think it is increasing every day and more people (not just students) are seeing the benefit of it.

Do you have a day job?

I don’t have a traditional day job! I run my Etsy shop (etsy.com/shop/emmastudies) where I sell digital downloads for predominately students but just anyone interested in organisation. I make all the content myself and get paid for purchases and custom orders so my blog did inspire my job. After I started making my own printables and sharing them online, a couple of messages appeared asking if people could support me financially. I was so flattered but felt incredibly cheeky taking money from people for just doing something I did for fun. Eventually, I saw that there wasn’t much out there for students in terms of paid digital downloads or printables. I had been a fan of Etsy for several years – me and a friend used to curate our top picks in history class – so I had an idea of how it worked. One day I thought I’d just set up a small shop and see how it goes! I felt much more comfortable being paid when my followers can get something useful in return. I am still at university but it is a nice job to be doing alongside it 🙂

What was your defining moment? And whats next for you?

Definitely hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram and Tumblr was a pretty awesome moment! It is weird thinking something I started to kick my butt into gear for 3 exams has turned into this massive platform that I’m so dedicated too! As for what’s next, I’m still thinking haha!! I am definitely wanting to start YouTubing and exploring that. I would love to see all my platforms continue growing, especially the Facebook Study Group that I recently set up!

Do you have a good support network

My parents and sister are great! They’re so supportive of my blog and things! I usually share with them things I’m doing, problems I might have, etc. On the odd occasion, they’ve joined in some of my livestreams on Instagram! My parents are sometimes a bit baffled if I mention something entirely new but they’re definitely learning with me! As for my friends, I’ve only got a few that know I run emmastudies. The couple that do are really excited for me which I appreciate so much!

What is your favorite product or tip?

I am currently loving my iPad Pro for college! It is amazing!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a super picky eater, I stick to what I know haha!! Trying new things can really freak me out so I tend to avoid it oops!

She is amazing methodical with her studies and the flow and handwriting is really great to watch!

Interview emma studies studygram
Interview emma studies studygram
Interview emma studies studygram

Thanks for this opportunity Emma!Interview emma studies studygram

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