Interview – Peggy Dean – The Pigeon Letters

Peggy Dean - The Pigeon LettersI had an assignment for my course in Digital Design and creativity! The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. So I approached some big names in Instagram and asked them a couple of questions! If you want to see more interviews check here!

Peggy from The Pigeon Letters was one of them – if you haven’t checked out her instagram – you need to! Its filled with amazing hand drawn floral, her beautifully curated books and much more! Her “about me ” covers where shes from and some of the amazing awards she has won! She kinda reminds me of Rachel Bilson from the tv show “Heart of Dixie” with her absolutely adorable self!

If you are wanting to see where she hangs out you can find her over at Pinterest, Facebook, and amazingly linkedin!

If you are wanting to grab any of her awesome books they are available on amazon!

When did your Journey Start?

In 2016

How did you get into this Niche?

I wanted to do something for me. I started dabbling in art when I was super young, but didn’t pick up modern calligraphy until 2016 and when I did, I fell deep in love. It was a slow build over 3 months of nasty learning curves until I finally felt like I could create cohesive pieces. My skill grew after that and continues to grow with every piece. When I wanted to learn, resources weren’t as readily available as they are now, and that’s why I decided to teach it.

Do you have a day job?

Nope. I’ve been creating full time since Oct. 2016!

What was your defining moment? And whats next for you?

The Today Show. Since then, I’ve relaxed and my higher goal is to now use my platform to bring awareness about important issues like animal welfare and the power of art and mental health.

Do you have a good support network

I have an excellent support system in my wife, who is often my voice of reason when I get overwhelmed and start to spiral. She grounds me haha.

What is your favorite product or tip?

There’s no need to isolate yourself to one technique or medium. Always, always, always keep learning.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I strongly dislike both ketchup and mustard. Gross.

Her books are amazing (I have a couple) and I love seeing how other people have interpreted her work. What I really like about Peggy is she is working hard at using her platform for good and providing messages that have impact!

Her YouTube videos are great, and filled with information

And her instagram filled to the brim with inspiration!

Interview pigeon letters peggy dean
Interview pigeon letters peggy dean
Interview pigeon letters peggy dean
Interview pigeon letters peggy dean

Thanks for this opportunity Peggy!Interview pigeon letters peggy dean

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