Interview with Karin from Ipad Lettering

I had an assignment for my course in Digital Design and creativity! The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. So I approached some big names in Instagram and asked them a couple of questions! If you want to see more interviews check here!

While Karin doesn’t live round the corner from me, she is in the same small country as me! She lives in Auckland! (I’m in Wellington), and is so unbelievably talented with her work on the IPad.

You can find her hanging out on Instagram, creating gorgeous brushes, or popping new things into her YouTube channel!

When did your Journey Start?

I’ve always been interested in hand lettering and calligraphy, but haven’t pursued my passion because I live in a tiny apartment and don’t have the space for all the required art supplies. But when I got my first iPad Pro and Apple Pencil a little over 2 years ago everything changed – I was able to practice to my hearts content without requiring all the supplies (and worrying about wasting paper!). I fell in love immediately, and have practiced my lettering sills every single day since then.

How did you get into this Niche?

It didn’t take a lot of time actually. I posted videos of myself lettering on the iPad, and people found it fascinating to watch. And then it just grew from there!

Do you have a day job?

Yes I still have a day job. I’m a software developer and solution architect, which requires a lot of analytical skills and is very different from the creative skills required for lettering. But it’s what makes it so appealing to do both!

What was your defining moment? And whats next for you?

That moment never exists in my mind. The more I learn and the more I achieve, the more pressure I have to achieve even more. It never stops.

Do you have a good support network

My husband is very supportive of what I do, which is great, and my friends are very supportive too. (Otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends, haha)

What is your favorite product or tip?

My favourite product is of course the Apple Pencil 🙂 And my favourite tip is to practice with it every day!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

So lets have a look at some her amazing work

If you haven’t followed her yet I highly recommend it!


Some of her great work on Ipad and YouTube

Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you!

X Nicola

interview with Karin Ipad Lettering

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