Interview: Becca Courtice – The Happy Ever Crafter

Becca Courtice - The Happy Ever Crafter I cannot explain to you how much fun I had doing this particular interview – Becca, from The Happy Ever Crafter – potentially the post adorable human ever, sent me a video message answering all the questions I had for my assignment. The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. If you want to see more interviews check here!

Now if you head on over to Becca Courtice’s website  -every single page is personalized, she has her adorable dimpled mug on every. single. page. It was clear from her interview that she is so personable, and open, and honest, and from the small bit she sent me, so likable. If you head onto her page and watch some of her tutorials – you will see that its not hard to #girlcrush on her! So lets get into it! Lets see the behind the scenes look at what makes Becca so successful.

When did your Journey Start?

For Becca it started over 3 years ago, she dragged some her a friends to a 3 hour calligraphy workshop, and became completely obsessed with it! She created an Instagram account, separate from her personal account to share her work and the things she had started working on. She had done some hand lettering in varsity while studying interior design, and often her work was used as examples or presented to the class.  Originally it started out as wanting to show people and help people improve. Her rise to popularity wasn’t immediate and took time, she remember how excited she got when she hit 300 followers and then 500 followers. It took her about 6 months to reach 1000 followers and the her 10K mark happened over the course of  year. She was very clear that it came with hard work, and her posts were indeed thoughtful and intentional.

Do you have a day job?

This is now Becca’s day job! BOOM! Becca used to be a Project Manager for a construction company  (sounds familiar!!) which is totally opposite from the creative aspects she now embodies, this doesn’t however mean she wasnt always creative! Nope! She has always had a penchant for creativity and is why she studied interior design at varsity. She quit her day job in April last year to pursue this full time. While she absolutely loves it, she has found she is working more hours on her Happy Ever Crafter than she ever did in her 9-5. But she LOVES it and is so passionate about it. Its clear in everything she does.

What was your defining moment? And whats next for you?

Becca says she had 2 defining moments, the first time she sold an online product, and then quitting her job. She says both of those were huge to her, and she appreciates the support from her followers for her to achieve this.

Her next steps are all about creating new online courses sand content.

Do you have a good support network

At first her parents were skeptical – saying “maybe she needs to keep her job and do it as a hobby, because it might just be a fad” but since allowing the business to flourish she says everyone has been 100% behind her! Obviously I am not surprised. She recently went on a 6 month trip around the world meeting up with other calligraphers and fans alike! In fact she spent a little time in New Zealand!

What is your favorite product or tip?

She loves all brush pens, and her one word of advice was – don’t compare yourself with others, its hard not to, when we are in these “bubbles of awesomeness” but take yourself out the bubble and stop comparing, there is enough space for everyone!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

She plays hockey – on a guys team! She happens to be very tomboyish and not into make up and shoes. She also won a battle of Guitar Hero against a herd of nerdy guys! Boom! Seriously #girlcrush and #agirlcrushingit

Interview Becca Courice Handlettering


Interview Becca Courice Handlettering

And if you haven’t checked out her plethora of great hand lettering and floral courses you should!

Interview Becca Courice Handlettering

For more information you can follow her on instagramfacebookPinterest  and website!

Interview Becca Courice Handlettering

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