Focus Friday 002 – Temi Danso

I had the most incredible opportunity to speak to Temi Danso. She was an absolute babe to talk to and I loved every part of the conversation we were heaving regardless of how hard some of the chats were. They were needed and really helped me clarify some things too!

About Temi

Temi lives in the UK and was born in Nigeria, she moved over to the UK when she was young. She settled into the community easily and studied Mechanical Engineering. She now works for an automotive manufacturer and has been at home on lock down due to covid.

Temi is a self taught portrait artist, and draws amazing realism. Her art is amazing to check out and worth going to have a look at on her youtube page!

The idea behind Black In Bujo

Temi started the amazing page Black in Bujo to Showcase some amazing black bullet journal artists, this was absolutely a missing niche in our community! She started this page with a friend of hers also in the BuJo community and its the perfect way to elevate those unheard voices in the community as well as showcase amazing black artists!

Where can you find Temi’s work?

Head over to her page and follow her in these cool spots:  @Temi Danso Art

The full interview with Temi

In the video you can hop to the specific questions we covered!

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