77+ Bullet Journal Reading tracker and Book Logs

Easily track the progress of your books by creating a bullet journal reading tracker or book log in your bullet journal!

Updated in August 2022

Nicola @ My Inner Creative

Hi book lover! Book worm or any other term you want to go by! For me, it’s the smell and feel of books, I love sniffing the centre of the book. It’s also a great way to unwind, declutter your mind and create a world for yourself, or even transport you to another world!In this post I am going to talk more about creating a bullet journal book tracker and why its important

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Why is reading good for you?

It would appear that science and research have just discovered that reading is, in fact, beneficial to one’s health. And if you believe this essay and this one that was published on NBC, there are nine excellent scientific reasons why you should make reading a habit: (And do you really need any more reasons to make a reading log or keep track of the books you’ve read in your bullet journal?)

  1. Makes you emotionally more intelligent
  2. Improves your relationships and can bolster our social skills
  3. Can make you happier
  4. Can make you more empowered or braver
  5. Lower risk of dementia or altziemers
  6. Makes you smarter
  7. Calms us down
  8. Helps us create a positive routine for bed
  9. Can provide a sense of belonging

This really helps drive home the case of creating bullet journal reading tracker! They are so easy to do!

How can you incorporate reading into your Bullet Journal?

Creating a reading tracker in your bullet journal is a great way to keep on track of those books you have been meaning to read and making sure you are working towards an end game! 

So regardless of if you are ripping through a new book each week or the one still slogging through that bestseller your friend (or Oprah) recommended months ago, its still a good idea to track them in a book journal and see your progress throughout the year.

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Why make a book tracker in your bullet journal?

Well, why the heck not! What a great way to see how many books you have chewed through and you can track your progress and speed of reading. If you love reading and want to keep track so you know what you have read, or planning on reading, creating a book journal is the perfect place to start!

Is there a series of books you are looking at reading and want to track which ones you have read? This is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What other things can you track on your BuJo reading tracker?

You could easily track additional things such as:

  • pages read per day,
  • chapters consumed,
  • series finished,
  • Book stores visited,
  • favourite book places,
  • live readings attended
  • Notes taken
  • images of the book
  • favourite quotes
  • upcoming books to read
  • If you have given the book to someone as a loan
  • When the book is due back at the library
  • Book reviews and rankings
  • Book rating
  • reading speed

Do you want to draw a book doodle?

Try some of these simple tutorials for beginners! It is really easy to draw a book doodle! If you are looking for a fun way to add these book doodles to your bullet journal, these simple how-to steps will have you drawing books in no time! An easy-to-draw book, or an open book or story is the perfect way to incorporate these doodles!

If you want to see even more doodle examples for your bullet journal, you can read our post on over 60+ bullet journal doodle examples!

Examples of Book doodles in your bullet journal reading tracker

I love these little tutorials on how to draw a book step by step from @doodle_simply_now. It just makes sense to follow these and its so easy to understand! These drawings of a book show you how simple it is to doodle book!

Shelf-style bullet journal reading tracker

The bookshelf is such a popular option when drawing a bullet journal reading tracker! They come in all shapes and sizes and are such a fun way to show the spines of the books you are reading.

Reading log layout ideas for your bullet journal

I just can’t get over the fact that these book doodles have been placed in the form of a small heart! What a one-of-a-kind book-tracking system!

These itty-bitty doodles of stacked books are so adorable. These are wonderful for you to colour in and use to make a spread for your book tracker.

This layout features a drawing of books stacked in a straight line across the miniature book shelf! I adore these.

This adorable little bookshelf is so fun to draw and construct, and I LOVE how straightforward the process is. This is a fairly straightforward approach to drawing a book that is held upright.

It makes me happy to see that in addition to these books being stacked, there are also some books that are standing upright. There is also a tab for reviews, which is something that appeals to me greatly.

Drawing an open book can be pretty simple, as demonstrated by this incredible artist who walks us through the steps of drawing an open book complete with pages. This is a quick and simple method for drawing books! It only consists of lines and squares, but the end product is quite stunning!

Other inspirational book log and reading trackers to inspire your bullet journal

The Happy Planner has come out with a sticker collection that is ideal for people who enjoy reading in order to make your book doodles easier. It was given the name bookish, and it featured book trackers as well as books that were stacked and lined up! I adore this, and it is just too adorable for words!
I really like how the book trackers for this week are just overlaid on top of the weekly spread in this spread. I absolutely adore this I absolutely adore how the book covers are being created and coloured in! This is such an enjoyable activity!

What a wonderful and interesting way to keep track of book series!
I think it’s brilliant that you’re recording your reading in a notebook with blacked-out pages.

This year in pixels page tracker is one of my favourite features. What a wonderful way to keep track of how much reading you’ve done and how much you’ve read over the course of the year!
This reading tracker that is reminiscent of the 1920s and Great Gatsby
This is such a creative approach to putting together a monthly reading journal!

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