6 Up and Coming Newbies you should follow and 5 tips to getting bullet journals right at the start

We were all there at some point! We all had to start with a blank bullet journal or notebook at some stage. So how did everyone else overcome that first hurdle of putting pen to paper and taking the leap?  So we have rounded up some of the most adorable bullet journal newbies accounts to show everyone that we all start somewhere! So give these guys some loving too!

Tip 1: Find a journal that excites you!

You cant exactly start journaling without a journal right? So why not choose something that will keep you motivated and suit your needs. So the first port of call is 1. what sort of journal do you need? Do you need one that is robust enough to handle day to day wear and tear? Or one you can paint in, or draw in? Will you only keep it at home? Colors etc. So we have reviewed a number of journals (and this list will keep growing) and you can read about our reviews here. 

Tip 2: Jot down what you need to use your journal for

What is the main reason for you using your journal? Is ti to capture you plans, planner, to do list etc, or is it primarily for reflection? Take some time to think about what you want to use it for and this will help guide you to your opening pages. Don’t be shy to start. Don’t be nervous to crack open that first page. If you are tracking certain key aspects of your life, consider leaving pages or space for mood trackers, health trackers etc. If you are using it for day to day productivity; leave enough space until you are comfortable with the system.

Tip 3: Just start

The longer you over think it, the longer you compare with others, the longer it will take you to get started. You can try other peoples ideas until you find a style that suits you, but remember that, IT NEEDS TO SUIT YOU, it is unique to you and your situation. And the really great thing about it, is that you can change your style as you go!

Tip 4: Don’t be scared to make mistakes

Everyone does, embrace them. Don’t compare your pages to others, I cant stress this enough! You journal, your work and the way you do it is good enough – but if you are concerned – then here is a post all about how to fix common mistakes in your journal

Tip 5: Don’t give up just yet!

You’ve tried it for a couple weeks, maybe even a month and finding its not for you? You’ve already invested in a nice journal and heaps of stationery – ooops – but youve lost motivation? Dont despair! we have all been there!

Just try something else. something different, if you havent already check out the miracle mornings, and level 10 life, this might entice some excitement!

So lets get to our gorgeous newbies from this week!

Coming Newbies bullet journal
Coming Newbies bullet journal
Coming Newbies bullet journal
Coming Newbies bullet journal

Coming Newbies bullet journal


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