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How to draw the Circle Habit Tracker

I got asked a ton of times this week “How do I draw the Circle Habit Tracker” (ok maybe about 5 but 5 was enough for me to launch into full scale – LETS HELP ALL THE PEOPLE MODE!

I realised, because I am in NZ – We don’t easily get “safety compasses” or really cool sneaky things to help. So I went with  old school! 1x Ruler 1x compass 1x pen and pencil and my 1x scribbles that matter

So lets get into it! I started

  1. I draw a square in my book usually 25×25 blocks.
  2. Draw a cross
  3. Use the center of the cross to draw your circle
  4. fill the square with equal lines – keep going until you have 32+ (this give you room for writing things!)
  5. Fill in the lines with pen!
  6. I added cute stickers from Rose K Paper Co
  7. Erase your pencil lines
  8. You’re good to go! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Yay so that my first video done and dusted! Now here are some gorgeous examples to keep you inspired!

Circle Habit Tracker Bullet Journal


 Circle Habit Tracker Bullet Journal


Circle Habit Tracker Bullet Journal


Circle Habit Tracker Bullet Journal


And thats all from us folkes!

How to Draw a circle tracker

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