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11 Things I wish I knew before starting a bullet journal

Have you ever asked yourself – what are the things i wish i knew before starting a bullet journal ?

I did a call out on Instagram for people to help me identify gaps that they had when starting out with bullet journaling. They answers came in fast and strong! So I grouped them together and created this list:

  1. As its a hot topic at the moment! Giving people who inspire you credit for the work they have helped you create: you can read more about it in our post on copyright 
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others! Your chapter 1 is totally different from their chapter 10.
  3. Bullet journaling can become and obsession or addiction!
  4. “Even though enough people told me I can customize it – I didn’t believe them!” – This was from @lizaoldfield on Instagram, and I think thats one of the most daughting starting points is that the whole thing is totally customisable but where do you start!?
  5. That you can get supplies for cheap instead of investing in something more expensive (Eg: crayola super tips vs tombows)
  6. Instead of getting frustrated and tearing pages out – you can just stick them together (which is another one we cover in our post on how to fix mistakes!)
  7. “If I had known it was the perfect solution to my organisation issues, I would have started much earlier!” from @musa.in.science on instagram. In a separate voting question we asked our followers if Bullet journaling made you more productive and 68% of the 437 replies said YES! Another follower stated that her schedule was somewhat non traditional and that it was perfect for that!
  8. That you can track your habits and really get a good insight into your personal life!
  9. That dutch doors can be a life saver for people that need extra space!
  10. That pen testing can save your journal! Test them in the back first!
  11. That starting out is a bit like an experiment to see what works for you, and its ok to keep trying with it!
  12. Dont follow a set of guidelines, see what works best for you.

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