3 Tips for Fixing Mistakes in your Bullet Journal

One of the most under reported, or under-shown on social media, the tips and tricks on how to minimize the impact of mistakes! So how do you fix bullet journal mistakes?

Don’t expect our usual pile of shared Instagram images of how to, but I will include some pictures on how to correct some mistakes and include some great products that were recommended.

So first off, I asked the Instagram community – what they do to fix mistakes and this is what came back:

The pre mistake tip:

Use pencil to sketch out your images and spreads, once done go over it in pen.

Tip 1: The massive mess.

You have made a royal mess. Its a total disaster. The whole page is ruined and there is no coming back from this.

  1. Stick the pages together
  2. Turn the page into a scrapbook page

In this image Vera has created a scrapbook page with images to cover a mistake

fixing bullet journal mistakes

Here Liddy made a royal mess with the wrong month, drew over it and tried again!

fixing bullet journal mistakes
fixing bullet journal mistakes

Tip 2: The minor mess

When the damage isn’t to bad, the option to correct only a small amount of the page and try again!

  1. (My personal Favorite tip) Use a back sheet of paper, cut it to size and match it to the mistake on your page. Like a little page band aid.
  2. Stick a sticker over it
  3. Stick washi tape over it
  4. Cover in back marker and write over it in white

Here RoseK has stuck stickers down to save time and eliminate mistakes.

fixing bullet journal mistakes

Here Vera has used washi tape to cover the extra days

fixing bullet journal mistakes

In this image, Ingrid used a big white sticker to stick over a banner that didn’t turn out so well

fixing bullet journal mistakes

Tip 3: Tiny Mistakes

  1. Cream white out – ledger white out does the trick here!
  2. Small stickers
  3. Use Planner specific washi tape or planner stickers

And some lessons learnt

fixing bullet journal mistakes
fixing bullet journal mistakes

And there ya go! Simple, quick fixes for Mistakes!


fixing mistakes in your bullet journal

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