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Review: Lemome Bullet Journal

The excitement here is not stopping! I am sooooooooooo excited to review this journal. I received it and was blown away by its awesomeness! So lets get straight into it our Lemome Bullet Journal Review

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Where can I buy a lemome notebook?

Where can you get them and how much? Amazon has them (and they seem to be onsale at the time of this post at $15USD

Or you can grab them from Journal Junkies NZ  $31.95 with 10% off with the code BUJOCLUB

What is the lemome notebook?

So lets get started and lets start with the outside and work our way in. In this instance I chose the mint and pink and ya know what! ITS GORGEOUS! I also had the black and yellow and will probably use that more.

But lets start with what we have! First we start with its robust outer made from faux leather – much like the STM it has a hard cover with a beautifully embossed tree in the centre.

The edges of the paper are tinted pink, and there is an elastic closure as well as a pen loop.  There are some makes of the lemome where the penloop is on the spine. What I really love is that it comes with a gorgeous pen! There are a multitude of colours and styles of this notebook available.

Lemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal Review

We then move to the first few pages which contain the general and somewhat generic information for covers, contents etc. The Lemome Notebook has 3 pages of contents. There are 2x ribbon book marks in the same color of the journal which are fabulous. The paper is a very buttery thick 100gsm.

What are the key features of a lemome?

Lemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal Review

There are 183 numbered pages. The dots are 0.5cm apart There are perforated pages in the back for lists, or really whatever else you can think of.

Lemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal Review

What extras does the lemome come with?

There is a relatively robust back pocket, which contains a variety of great additions, such as “165 emoji stickers + flexible soft ruler + 6 erasable tabs + awesome tattoo gifts” is what they are described as by amazon! As well as the delicious pen!

Lemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal Review

What is the paper like in a lemome?

With our 100gsm paper we head into the pen test.  This was great, and there was minimal to no ghosting and bleeding and with the watercolor there was no pilling on the paper.

Lemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal ReviewLemome Bullet Journal Review

What are the pros and cons of the lemome notebook


All of them 😛

There is the thick paper, to the pretty colours, the great additional pen, the pen hook. Really I am absolutely looking forward to trying this book out!Even the price is pretty awesome! There was limited to no bleeding and ghosting and while I havent wet the whole page yet, we will do that in a later post, it seems water colour is not hated by the paper.


I am hard pressed to find any. At a stretch maybe the fact the back pocket is paper over fabric.


Im pretty impressed with the Lemome Notebook and journal.

I give it a solid 4.5/5 (because nothing ever gets 100% but its pretty dam close in my opinion!)

Lemome Bullet Journal Review

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