Review: Scribbles that Matter Pro B5

Well well well! I think I may have found a new favourite! The Scribbles that Matter Pro B5. I was a little surprised when I bought it! Only because I wasn’t expecting it to be so big!! But it is awesome! I can’t wait to put HEAPS of things into it! EEERRRRMMMAAAGAWD! You can read other other STM (scribbles that matter) review for the A5 notebook here  or even all our other reviews

Updated October 2019

In 2018/2019 Scribbles that matter updated their paper, it is now a standard 160gsm across the board. While they have still printed the table of contents/index, page numbers and pen tests, there have been multiple review that the paper quality is not as great as people would have hoped.

Scribbles that matter have left the 160gsm paper uncoated, which makes it rough and porous, and hard to use fountain pens or watercolors. While the thicker paper is fun, and practically doesnt ghost or bleed with most brush pens and markers, there is an underlying feeling that the quality has gone down hill.

Where can I buy a scribbles that matter B5 Pro notebook?

So lets get started with the basics! You can grab these bad boys over at Amazon – The cost for the B5 Dotted is $24.99USD which isn’t terrible!

So lets get started! When you open the packaging its the usual awesomeness from Scribbles that Matter that is present, the notebook is well made, sturdy and I quite like the pen hook on the side. There is an elastic closure and 2 black ribbons. The size is clearly bigger than the review review review review review review

There are the standard first few pages with a table of contents, welcome page etc. These are pretty standard for the STM

What is the paper like in a scribbles that matter notebook?

The pages are a lush ivory and sit at 100gsm for the paper. There are 201 numbered pages. The book is designed to be a flat lay bind for taking great pics on instagram (really its for better writing but who are we to complain for better pictures)review review review review review review

There is a large robust back pocket in the back as well space for pen tests, and mindfulness when you complete the book. Something I really like about it!review review review

How many dots are on the grid of a scribbles that matter?

For this journal what I did this time was measure out the squares, so that if you are using it, you can see how much real estate you would get. As usual the dots are 0.5mm apart and there are 34 dots across the top and 45 dots down.

I found that when I created the the “size me up spread” there was quite a bit of ghosting on the other side of the page. review review


What are the results of the scribbles that matter review


Huge landscape to journal in

Great brand and quality

numbered pages


robust outer


Some ghosting

I am not sold on the side loop for pens yet, as I don’t know how this will fair in functionality so watch this space!review review

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