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Review: Moleskine bullet journal

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My very first journal was the Moleskine Dotted Journal; in New Zealand you can easily grab a hard or soft cover book from Whitcoulls for $39.99 or it is available on Amazon for $22.95. So lets get into the review! Review: Moleskine Bullet Journal.

I think right off the bat for me I do like that this brand is readily available to me at almost every store. What is a positive is you can by a watercolor moleskine journal but it does not have the dot grid and you cant really use it as a notebook/journal due to the thick paper!

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So right up front the cover is soft. This started annoying me after a while as it bends quite easily and starts looking pretty tatty quite quickly. Overall its much wider than Scribbles that matter, and also very thin feeling

Review: Moleskine Bullet JournalReview: Moleskine Bullet Journal









There is an elastic closure band and again, this looses elasticity with use quite quickly.

The front page is again rather generic and while it offers a reward for finding, does not quite inspire greatness.

Review: Moleskine Bullet Journal









There is no table of contents and the pages are not numbered. There are 192 pages and they are 70gsm, so the lowest quality paper we have in the review series. The dots are 0.5cm squared and there are 37 dots across and 48 dots up.

Review: Moleskine Bullet JournalReview: Moleskine Bullet Journal









It has a singular ribbon book mark, and a reasonably robust pocket in the back.

Review: Moleskine Bullet JournalReview: Moleskine Bullet Journal










Pen testing is where this paper really falls over. It bleeds easily and ghosts terribly. When we pop some water color on, it doesn’t fare well at all.

Review: Moleskine Bullet JournalReview: Moleskine Bullet JournalReview: Moleskine Bullet Journal










Well – not many, but I will have to say the large size makes it a fun test journal and a good starter if you aren’t going to get to fancy with art in your journal.


The thin paper, the bleeding and ghosting, lack of page numbers


Its pretty average and wouldn’t feel it is the cost that is is. I would rather spend my money on a Lemome or Scribbles that Matter

I give it a 2.5/5


Review: Moleskine Bullet Journal


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