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Liz Pierson - Bonjournal_I had an assignment for my course in Digital Design and creativity! The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. So I approached some big names in Instagram and asked them a couple of questions! If you want to see more interviews check here!

Liz from Bonjournal was one of them – if you haven’t checked out her instagram – I highly recommend! It is focused on minimal layouts but beautifully aestetic and eye catching!

When did your Journey Start?

I started my planner journey in graduate school (I even created my own spiral bound planner with printed pages!) but I did not begin bullet journaling until late spring/early summer of 2016. I started my instagram account in August of that year.

How did you get into this niche?

 definitely jumped on the bandwagon around the time that bullet journaling was really starting to pick up steam. There were a ton of articles on the topic as well as a really robust Instagram community in place.  It’s continued to grow since then, and I hope it never stops!

Do you have a day job?

 definitely have a day job – I probably wouldn’t need my bullet journal without it! I am an Analytical Chemist and I work in a research and development lab at a major pharmaceutical company. Right now, my research focuses on the development of novel immunooncology drugs.  So, totally different from the artistic side of myself that I present on Instagram. In fact, I would argue that bullet journaling is the perfect marriage of my two personalities – creative and analytical! (Again doesn’t this this sound so familiar! I have a degree in Biochem! ha!)

What was your defining moment? And whats next for you?

I always told myself that if my account reached 100k I would stop posting photos. But i reached that goal so quickly, I’m not ready to stop. I have no more goals in terms of growth and I’m just letting my account change and grow organically. 

Do you have a good support network

I have great support from my husband and friends, but most of the support comes from within the bullet journaling community on instagram! I love all of the positive vibes that are sent my way on a daily basis – it keeps me motivated to generate more content. 

What is your favorite product or tip?

My favorite artistic tip is to practice. Not every piece of art has to be a masterpiece. So often I hear people are discouraged because they didn’t like the drawing that they tried for the first time on their notebook page.  Grab some scrap paper! Mess up! Find your groove! It’s all part of the process.  My favorite products are Tombow pens and markers – they are high quality and durable!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

You may be surprised to learn that my green thumb only goes as far as my art – my actual flower garden looks terrible! 

Lets have a look at some of her amazing work!

Interview bullet journal bonjournal
Interview bullet journal bonjournal
Interview bullet journal bonjournal
Interview bullet journal bonjournal

Thanks for this opportunity Liz!Interview bullet journal bonjournal

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