10 under $10 – Getting started with bullet journal on a Budget

We all know how tricky it can be to set up your journal for the first time, especially when you are on a budget! So how do we set up a bullet journal on a budget? Can you set yourself up for under $10? Yes – Yes you can!!

Budgeting can be so hard when you are looking at all the awesome pictures people are sharing about bullet journaling, so check out our post on comprehensive finance spreads!

I only have $10 to get everything for my bullet journal!

Well! Start with something cheap and try it out to see if its something that works for you! ok ok maybe its just over $10 coming in at $10.79 but this should set you up with enough to get you started! So lets talk cheap!

What else can I get for under $10?

You can get some really great cheap journals

What accessories can I get for under $10?

What if I want to Splurge on my bullet journal?

Well! We can definitely help there! We are absolutely enablers of a good old splurge, what we do recommend before a splurge though is that you make sure you have paid all your important bills first! Pens don’t pay the rent!


What do other people use in their bullet journals?

We’ve taken some time to round up some of the cutest supply spreads! You’ll see you don’t need a lot!

A lot of people who have been bullet journaling for a long time keep it simple and keep it focused on their favorite things! If you are starting out and wanting to know how to avoid some key mistakes with regards to bullet journals, read the 11 things I wish I knew before I started bullet journaling

















And that’s all from us! Thanks for hanging out!



Bullet Journal Essentials List Bullet Journal Essentials List Bullet Journal Essentials List


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