Brain Dump in your Bullet Journal + 55 Inspirational ideas

Have you seen Brain Dumps in bullet journals and wondered what they are? Well today we are talking about what a bullet journal brain dump is, other terms you can use for it if you don’t like the name, and finally we finish off with some gorgeous examples to inspire you!

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Talking about brain “dumps” might not be great for everyone, but fear not we have a ton of alternative words for the word brain dump to use in your bullet journal!

Check out this quick video for all the spreads!

What is a Bullet Journal Brain Dump?

A brain dump is where you put all the thoughts that just pop into your mind. It could be on a daily basis or a monthly basis. What I have seen often is people use it as a monthly bullet journal spread or collection.

Collect your thoughts into a bullet journal collection of thoughts!

Nicola from My Inner Creative

The brain dump is also really a connection or collection of thoughts on a specific topic that you have not had time to sort though yet. Using a brain dump might help you sort through those thoughts.

It can be a really simple bullet journal with just the title of the topic you are thinking though, or even the words “brain dump”. OR it can be a more complex “mind-map” style spread that lays out the thought process in detail.

Why should I use a brain dump?

You really don’t need a specific reason to use a brain dump, its personal preference and may work for you in your bullet journal or not.

It is however a great way to clear your mind of thoughts that you may not have categorised yet or thought through completely. It could also be that you have an idea for something havent really put the thoughts down into a conscious stream yet.

By using a brain dump as one of your bullet journal collections, you will be able to be far more likely to see trends in your thought processes and allow yourself so free thinking space for topics that might interest you.

You also might want to use this space to save or note down an important life event that you might not want to forget. This is called memory brain dumping and helps you capture any details you might not want to forget about something big.

You could also use your brain dump to review the month you had. A brain dump review could identify things that worked well in your month, what didn’t go so well and what could go differently next month! A brain dump review would be the perfect space to also share your thoughts on life reviews, topic reviews or anything else that might need you to look back and think over.

When should I use a brain dump?

Using a brain dump can be any time of the day. Some people find having their note books beside their beds to capture any rouge thoughts during the night helps with sleep health and sleep journaling.

Using a Brain dump before sleep helps you purge any thoughts that may be preventing you from falling asleep as it may be something you are over thinking.

Using it as a monthly bullet journal spread can really help you plan out your month or the thoughts you might have during the month.

How do you organise a brain dump?

There is no specific formula or brain dump template to follow to make sure you are organising it properly. It all depends on how your personal train of thought works.

You write the thoughts down as they come or as they appear and once you think you might have all of them down, you can start looking at ways they fit together

What other words can you use instead of brain dump?

Some people take a real displeased approach to the word “Brain Dump so I have collected a list of alternatives you can use.

27 Alternative words for Brain Dump

  • Idea log
  • Creative space
  • Wonderings
  • Musings
  • Brain down load
  • Idea journal
  • Write it down space
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • Brainstorming
  • BrainStorm
  • Chamber of Thoughts
  • Train of Thought
  • Sandbox
  • Brain Nuggets
  • Thought Nuggets
  • Mind Map / Mind Mapping (make it look like a treasure map)
  • Idea Tree
  • Idea Keeper
  • Idea Farm
  • Think Tank
  • Field of Thoughts
  • Brain Warp
  • Maze of Thoughts
  • Concept mapping
  • Chain of thought
  • Inner monologue
  • Idea Jungle

Stunning examples of bullet journal brain dump

Some of these are stunning examples of templates for brain dumps in your bullet journal. It makes for the perfect thought capturing template and is easy to do!

These bullet journal brain dump spreads are inspirational and so stunning! So go ahead and feast your eyes on these stunners! Remember to give the creators some love on their instagram pages






















































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