Men that bullet journal – aka Blokes that BuJo! 19+ Inspirational Male accounts!

When I head into my statistics on Instagram – my audience is 93% women and a mere 7% men. That doesn’t mean, that men cannot bullet journal, or that its predominately for women, no SIR!
Bullet Journling is a system, one that is adaptable and has no gender bias. But bullet journal for men is totally a thing!
Essentially at the end of the day –  its a productivity program. And you know what!? It was created by a guy! YES a guy!
Perhaps its considered feminine because many of the instagrammers or pinners on Pinterest are predominately women, however this an epic scale surge of men coming into the environment. So men, open your notebooks and open your minds to the awesomeness that is the men that bullet journal.
I took some time to think about why there were more women following my accounts on Instagram, is it because its considered creative? Or is it because of the scrapbook feel to it?
An arts and crafts feel to it? All of these things are gender neutral so there is not one rational reason I can find to explain why I have a higher female demographic.
My boyfriend is creative, and he draws – and he is one manly man! Could it be that men are not as comfortable sharing their work as woman? Or it could even be that they aren’t looking for the validation? Rubbish! We are all looking for validation, be it socially or online.
BuJo is about being organised and making plans and being productive, and that’s exactly what these guys have done, they have NAILED being productive and brilliant!!
So – I thought – you know what! Lets show case some of the most amazing mens accounts!
Lets just keep in mind, that the originator of Bullet Journals – Ryder Carroll, was a bloke to!

So what sorts of things are out there for guys who journal?

So lets show case these amazing men who journal!

Now lets keep in mind that the creator of the Bullet Journal Method was indeed a… guessed it…. a man. So considering the founder is a male, it means that any person including men can use the method. Below we have listed a ton of amazing men who are either simple in tbhier methodology or even more creative and artisitc. Either way, the inspiration is flowing and amazing to see!


One of the things I love about the Lame Journal is thier amazing doodles and the characters they have developed! Wither over 191k followers on instagram, there is no shortage of inspiration!


Top 5 Tips for guys who want to get started in Bullet Journaling

Ok! Finally at the end! Here are our top 5 Blokey Bloke tips to get started if you are a bloke and newbie!
TIP 1: Well, firstly, don’t feel as though this is a “girl thing” – while the demographics are skewed towards women – this doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it. It about productivity not about gender.
TIP 2: If you are feeling nervous about starting – get a note book that looks like you – blokey. There are heaps of journals available that can be robust and ready to go in more taxing environments.
TIP 3: Keep it simple – if you aren’t creative, or even confident yet to be creative, keep things minimalist and simple. Keep it to what it originally was, dots, bullets and notes.
TIP 4: Start simple too! All you need is a note book and a pen, you can build up supplies later!

TIP 5: Just start. The BuJo community is extremely supportive! So feel free to ask questions, and if you are concerned or any other thing, pop us a private email or DM on Instagram 🙂 Also dont be shy to message those awesome guys that bullet journal too!  You do not need to publish it on line or let people know. It can be 100% for you. Just start. If you are unsure how to get started we have a tonne of resources on our blog around getting started here

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