Easy bullet journal spread design in under 15 minutes!


We all struggle with creating time to do a spread! What if I told you – you can create a spread in under 15 minutes? Well you can! Easy bullet journal spreads can be created with a little help from stencils and stamps and in this post we will discuss using stencils to help you create those easy bullet journal spreads!

So lets get started!


For this project I used the Kelly Creates Peace Journal and Relay Journals Stencils

Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread

I got these wee stencils from Relay Journals, which are handmade in San Diego, CA. Which is a long way from NZ! Simple is better and Janetta started her business she loved journaling and the idea of creating beautiful spreads, but couldn’t draw very well! So eliminated that barrier by creating some simple and effective stencils to create awesome spreads! She created a series of stencils that would essential could be used again and again to create everything from trackers to collection spreads. What Janetta says about the relay mind set she uses for journaling:

This mindset came to me as I was struggling to stay focused on my goals.  As a former high school athlete and lover of sports, the team mindset allows resonated with me.  As an adult, like many others, my perspective was forced to shift to an individual mindset, which I have found difficult.  If I am only letting myself down when I don’t reach a goal it is easy for me to quit.  As soon as I shifted my mindset to a team mentality the need to achieve my goals amplified and become much more important.

I started with drawing out a simple spread and I loved the Alphabet stencil to create the days of the week, as well as the wee little banners to create more!

I also created a movie spread with the Movie spread stencil which was fun and easy to do!!

To create the spread in under 15 minutes I

  1. Drew out my Monday -Friday with pencil lines
  2. I then filled in the days of the week with the stencil and coloured them in
  3. I then used the banners to create a goals section and the social media icons to create a tracker space for my social media branding.

Really quick easy and effective!

Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread Easy bullet journal spread

Other ways to use the stencils!

Janetta has some really clever trackers and ways to use the bucket list and travel spread stencils. The banners are a great addition  to any spread and helps making cover pages and goals an absolute breeze!


What did I think about the stencils?

Overall I really liked the alphabet stencils! They were fabulous to use, and made making a spread with uniform letters a breeze! I found the book stencil a little tricky to use so highly recommend using some Washi tape to keep it in place when drawing with it. They are far thicker than the moxidori stencils and are quite robust.

Where can you get them?

Janetta has a blog and shop you can grab these stencils from!

Shop Here

And you can find her Instagram and Facebook . I adore the positive and inspirational quotes Janetta uses on her Instagram page!

Easy bullet journal spread

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  1. i’ve been seeing people use stencils when they’re making their spreads and i really want to get some stencils since they can increase productivity. 🙂 i’m now looking for stencils with designs that i’d like to use!

  2. Stencils are quite the life saver. Especially when there are days when you just can’t be bothered.

  3. I wist I had stencils like this to make my journal neater! I’m a terrible free hand artist so it would be a life saver!

  4. I never thought about using stencils seriously for some bizarre reason but the examples on the blog are amazing and the stencils used are stunning! I definitely plan on using stencils in my future spreads 😛

  5. Oh wow!! Love the stencils sooo much. I’m a sucker for perfect journals hahah.
    NEED to add this to my collection ASAP

  6. I love the convenience of stencils, although have to admit I often forget to reach for mine! I must try and remember more often!

  7. Stencils are definitely are time-savers. My favorite part is when you get a new stencil and you immediately start planning how to use them all.

  8. Stencils have been a very useful tool for me especially when i dont feel that creative to freehand a banner— it makes my lazy life easier hahaha lol

  9. I didn’t even think of the idea of stencils until now, which seems to be a really handy tool. I should really try to get some, it would save my time

  10. I struggle to make time to set up new spreads every month! It’s nice to think you can make something pretty and functional in a shorter amount of time!

  11. at first I disliked stencils, thinking they’re something that just lazy people use but as I’ve done more journaling, I’m starting to realize what a lifesaver they are.

  12. I love the idea of using stencils! It would take some time off on the little things, giving me more time to play around with spread ideas!

  13. I’m not very good at drawing. The stencils will be very useful. I like the clean minimal look.

  14. Oh I think I have the alphabets stencil when I was a kid, for arts class. Lol didn’t realize that I could use it now for spreads. And God knows where that stencil is now. Thanks for sharing, this brought back memories of seeing those alphabet.

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