3 simple neon bullet journal ideas and spread designs

Creating spreads should not be hard! If you are just starting out and only have some highlighters from school or work, that is more than enough to get you started! So we have created 3 really easy to follow step by step spread layouts with neon pens and pencils. T

Our Neon Bullet journal Supplies!

The gorgeous watercolors I used are from Peppercon Art over on etsy. They are delish!


Neon Bullet journal Spread 1:

  1. Gather your tools: Ruler, Highlighter, Pencil, Black pen, Neon Paint, bullet journal stencil (you can use highlighters again)
  2. Start with Creating your heading with your hightlighter. You can see how to do some here
  3. Use your ruler to create a boarder with your highlighter around the page.
  4. Take your black pen and create a border on your heading and around the lines.
  5. Use a stencil to create the spaces for your days and dates
  6. Again come back with your highlighter and create borders around the dates
  7. I added a little kawaii character I found on pinterest, by penciling in the shape
  8. I then went over it with pen, colored in its eyes and mouth, and filled it in with watercolor paint.
  9. Finished!


Neon Bullet journal Spread 2:

  1. Grab your supplies: Washi Tape, Pen, Highlighter
  2. Use the washi tape to border the outside of your journal
  3. Trim the ends of the washi tape
  4. Create a border about mid way though and place your days in it.
  5. Place another strip of washi tape down the middle
  6. Pop in a tracker and a space for notes
  7. Finished!

Neon Bullet journal Spread 3:

This spread was inspired by the amazing @kio.cards and you can grab some of their amazing work on etsy

  1. Gather your tools – here I used a ruler, a safety compass, Neon Colored pencils, the neon marvy pens, a fine liner and some highlighters
  2. Create a header with fake calligraphy – you can see how to do that here
  3. Create a border with a fine liner
  4. Draw a straight line with your ruler
  5. Use your safety compass to draw the rainbow
  6. Add in a simple banner
  7. Above the banner draw an oval
  8. Add ears, horns, eyes and a mouth
  9. When you are happy go over it with pen
  10. Color it in
  11. I then used fake calligraphy to label my days
  12. I took my highlighter and created spaces to write in for my week, as well as a space for notes
  13. Finished!


Neon Bullet journal Spread 4 <Extra!

I added a little extra one because I could – I realise the video is upside down! But I am sure you can work it out 😛

  1. Gather your tools: I used date stamps. water color paint, highlighters and fine liner (and a ruler obviously)
  2. I draw a border
  3. Stamped on the dates
  4. I painted on the dates
  5. Added notes and to do
  6. Finished!

Hope this helps just a little bit! I would love to see your neon creation! Tag us and #theartofbujoneon <3

Some Additional neon bullet journal theme Inspiration


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