How to draw 11 of the EASIEST bullet journal banners and headers

Have you been struggling with creative inspiration? Looking to make simple bullet journal banner and heading doodles and need some inspiration? Ones that are easy and simple to draw or doodle?

We literally have 11 of the easiest banners for you to draw! These simple banner ideas for bullet journals will add some excitement and artistic doodles to your page with minimal effort!

In our last post we covered headers. It can be so challenging sometimes to come up with some fun ideas for your bullet journal spreads by adding these really easy to do bullet journal banners and headers.

This time I am going to show you 1 simple banner design that you can jazz up easily. So easily. In fact all you need is a pen and your journal, or a napkin, paper, whatever. So lets get started! If you have tried it, it would be great to share with us over at @theartofbujo and #taobhowto. You can find more how-to and tips here

Drawing a bullet journal banner

Starting with simplicity, drawing a banner for your bullet journal does not have to be hard! Now! We have a printable at the end to help you!

So lets get cracking (PS the Printable is at the end!)

Step 1: Draw a simple rectangle.

Step 2: Draw a line downwards from rectangle not to far from the edge. Follow up with a perpendicular line going further out than the rectangle.

Step 3: Draw a parallel line to the bottom extending the same distance as the bottom line. Connect the rectangle edge to the bottom corner. Pop a small dot between those two parallel lines, this will help you draw even ribbons.

Step 4: Draw in the ends of the ribbon, and shade the ribbon connection. Boom. Done.

easy draw a bullet journal banner

Making the bullet journal banner better

Up and down: Pop the ribbon ends on the top and bottom

Curve it: Instead of going straight, add a small curve!

Double up: Create two rectangles the same as above, connect them in the middle, and add one ribbon at the top and one at the bottom.

Try a little dog ear!

Try wrapping your ribbon around a box

Pop it on a wavy flag!

easy draw a bullet journal banner

Kick your bullet journal header and banner up ANOTHER notch!

Yes you heard right! Using the same system, keep the ribbons smaller and add extra curves to it.

Double double! Create 2 rectangles and 4 ribbon ends

Doodles: start in pencil and try adding floral doodles around the boarder.

Shade it and color it in! FUN!

easy draw a bullet journal banner

As always – thank you so much – No lemome Note books were harmed in the making of this “How too”

easy draw a bullet journal banner

Free bullet journal banner and header Printable

You can download the printable here

easy draw a bullet journal banner

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