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3 Tips for Fixing Mistakes in your Bullet Journal

One of the most under reported, or under-shown on social media, the tips and tricks on how to minimize the impact of mistakes! So how do you fix bullet journal mistakes? Don't expect our usual pile of shared Instagram images of how to, but I will include some pictures on how to correct some ... READ the POST

Top 12 habit tracker bullet journal spreads

This was undoubtedly my favorite week! The most amazing habit tracker bullet journal spreads from around the world! Holy smokes! I couldn't stop at 10. There were far far far to many that needed special mention! So I settled for a bumper edition post! Naughty me! haha! And then finally getting ... READ the POST

11 of the most amazing finance trackers

As per our previous post, which you can find here we highlighted some great ways to be smarter with money! Trying a bullet journal budget tracker is a simple way to start financial planning. We covered some great podcasts and blog posts about how to be smarter and some clever ways of making some ... READ the POST

Organizing your finances in your bullet journal + Free Printable

TWO THINGS BEFORE WE START! 1. I am no way a financial advisor, the following is just my opinion and what has worked for me. 2. The freebies are down at the bottom of the page! Finance talk can be seen as sensitive. It can be seen as tricky. BUT what ever your situation, you should be able to ... READ the POST

Review: Top 7 Journals and how they respond to watercolor!

This was a really fun experiment. Personally, I am an avid watercolourist (watercolorist for our american friends who spell colour wrong :P), anyway! Finding a journal that works well with heavy water or watercolor has been challenging! SO SO Challenging. So - I took a page of the top journals I ... READ the POST

Review: Lemome Bullet Journal

The excitement here is not stopping! I am sooooooooooo excited to review this journal. I received it and was blown away by its awesomeness! So lets get straight into it our Lemome Bullet Journal Review Where can you get them and how much? Amazon has them (and they seem to be onsale at the ... READ the POST