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Keeping your privates private – The Dutch Door Dilemma

We've all seen Dutch Doors over the internet and we know you have been thinking about trying dutch doors in your bullet journal. Creating a bullet journal dutch door can help give you a ton more realestate to write in during your week! Another clever way to use your bullet journal dutch door is ... READ the POST

Top 10 Minimal Posts from this week! Ideas for those that are not creative

We know how overwhelming it can be with all the gorgeous bullet journals around, looking all colorful and pretty! Don't despair however! There are some great examples of how to do it with "Minimal" input and still look amazing! YAY! If you want to see more amazing minimal spreads, check out ... READ the POST

Does having a Bullet Journal make you more productive?

Does a bullet journal make you more productive? The basic premise of the bullet journal according to Ryder Caroll the originator of Bullet Journaling  He states in this Bullet Journal "getting started area" that: Note-taking and traditional journaling take time; the more complex the entry, the ... READ the POST

Review: Rhodia Goal Book

So I got this as an incredible prize a wee while back and thought it was about time to review it. I would really like to use this soon - but will wait for January 2019 and you'll see why below. Cost: $21.90 USD from amazon and $39.95 NZD  online from Notes to self From amazon you can get them ... READ the POST

Review: Kikki K Grid Notebook/ Journal

It's been much anticipated and many a videos have been shared on YouTube, facebook and instagram! But how does the physical product stack up? Lets get straight into our Kikki K Grid Note Book review! I went in and got one today, and it was met with mixed emotions. One one hand I was excited Kikki ... READ the POST

Top 10 Red Bullet Journal Spreads from this week!

It was a busy busy busy week at the My Inner Creative HQ. We cracked a whopping 5000 followers! WOOHOO! And we have a massive spike in impressions. I think I am almost ready to kick ass with a wee "How to beat the algorithm" Instagram book. Yay! If you are looking for some more red bullet journal ... READ the POST