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Brain Dump in your Bullet Journal + 55 Inspirational ideas

Have you seen Brain Dumps in bullet journals and wondered what they are? Well today we are talking about what a bullet journal brain dump is, other terms you can use for it if you don't like the name, and finally we finish off with some gorgeous examples to inspire you! Now if you are looking ... READ the POST

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Notebook review

I know, I know, we have alllllll been there! Wondering what notebook to get? Wondering which will suit your needs and which will be perfect for your year. So I created this HUGE bullet journal notebook review to help our newbies out! We have also highlighted which are front runners in the notebook ... READ the POST


Wow. What a mess the last couple of months have been. With over 22million people applying for job loss benefits in the USA and that number rising daily, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to look at those tense budget numbers. So creating a simple budget plan during this crisis is so ... READ the POST


Welcome to my first ever blog hop! This is a blog hop hosted by Jill Cameron Creations, and all of our lovely files used today are available on her site. See the original post here This is currently such a weird time that I wasn’t sure even what to make. In New Zealand we have been on ... READ the POST

Review: Newyes Reusable Erasable Smart Notebook

When I was approached by Newyes to review their Erasable smart notebooks and reusable sticky notes, I was somewhat sceptical! I didn't think it would be something I could use or come to love! However I was totally wrong! If you are looking to grab one; you can get one from Newyes directly and if ... READ the POST

13 Things to track in your bullet journal during the Corona Virus Pandemic

It is no surprise that during this difficult time there is fear and panic. With WHO declaring Covid-19 a pandemic the world is on high alert, lock downs and bans left and right.  Now before we get started lets talk about some of the facts: If you are seeking medical advice, go directly to ... READ the POST




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