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13 Things to track in your bullet journal during the Corona Virus Pandemic

It is no surprise that during this difficult time there is fear and panic. With WHO declaring Covid-19 a pandemic the world is on high alert, lock downs and bans left and right.  Now before we get started lets talk about some of the facts: If you are seeking medical advice, go directly to ... READ the POST

How to: Jurassic Park themed party decorations on a budget!

Planning a Jurassic Park Party? Now if you are the parent of a 6 year old boy, almost turning 7, you may also be inclined to believe the only interest of these young men is DINOSAURS! Well that seems to be the case for mine! His favorite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus. Yes. The pointy nosed ... READ the POST

April Autumn Journal Plan with me

April as you know is my favorite month of the year! Why? Because you can physically see your environment change AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY. So in this April plan with me, I am celebrating the month of April! If you are looking for some bullet journal spread inspiration, head over and check out this ... READ the POST

80+ Stunning Valentines Day Themes and Layouts for your Bullet Journal

Some people celebrate valentine's day, some people do not. For those that do, this post is for you! Today we are going to look at some gorgeous Valentine's day themed bullet journal and planner layouts to create a fun and romantic feel! If you are looking for February specific themes, that are ... READ the POST

REVIEW: Archer and Olive / Amy Tangerine 2020 Planner

When looking for a 2020 Planner, you will not want to look past the Archer and Olive/ Amy Tangerine Collaboration. This compact A5 Planner is gorgeous.....let me tell you why! What an awesome, exciting moment I had when I got to open the new Archer and Olive and Amy tangerine planner ... READ the POST

100+ Incredible Cactus Bullet Journal Layouts

Updated April 2019! We included an additional 85 fun and really cute cactus bullet journal spreads! Welcome to the 17 most amazing cactus bullet journal spreads I have ever seen! And I am sure we can find more but I loved these the most! I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a little ... READ the POST



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