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100+ Incredible Cactus Bullet Journal Layouts

Updated April 2019! We included an additional 85 fun and really cute cactus bullet journal spreads! Welcome to the 17 most amazing cactus bullet journal spreads I have ever seen! And I am sure we can find more but I loved these the most! I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a little ... READ the POST

49 Stunning December Inspired Bullet Journal Spreads + December Plan with me Video!

Updated 2019 to include 35 new amazing spreads! We are WOOOOOOOSHING our way straight into the end of the year! Holy Smokes batman! I am amazed that it is almost December and that Is STRESSFUL! So I thought - why not get ahead of the game this time and really get some great planning going!? So I ... READ the POST

Add an Advent Calendar to your Bullet Journal!

Christmas is always a fun time of year, filled with festive cheer and happy people! I am always astounded and how much STUFF goes on sale at christmas time and how overwhelming it can feel to be part of the mayhem that is Christmas! If you want to see any other Seasonal spreads, themes or layouts ... READ the POST

5 Productivity excuses holding you back from success!

Are these productivity excuses holding you back from achieving your goals? Take your first step towards productivity efficiency now with the solutions we have below.  We talk to some expert professionals in productivity about how this might impact the way you structure your day, and some ways to ... READ the POST

5 reasons tracking your habits in your bullet journal is NOT helping!

We spend so much time talking about tracking your habits in your bullet journal and yes, for some this might be great! But, for others, it might just add to the overwhelm of starting with the Bullet Journal Method. The reason I decided to discuss this topic was because (and if this was you ... READ the POST

30 of the most amazing Rainbow planner Ideas!

Wanting some Ideas for your awesome Amy Tangerine Be happy Box, with the Rainbow Classic Happy planner? Or are you just looking for rainbow themes or rainbow ideas for your planner? Here we have 30 amazing rainbow planner spreads, and if you are looking for more, we have a whole rainbow category ... READ the POST



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