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24 examples of how to plan ideas for bullet journal themes in 2021

Whenever I start planning for my annual themes, I love having a little collection of theme ideas for my bullet journal! I started making this little collection of themes I liked throughout the year! This made it really simple for me for to combine them at the start of the year to keep my themes ... READ the POST

Creating a Thai Inspired Paper Flower Garland (Phuang Malai)

If you have ever been to Thailand, you will have seen the fragrant Thai flower garlands adoring cars, houses, temples and people's wrists! The Phuang Malai is an iconic piece of Thai tradition and today we are creating something really simple that replicates this amazing garland that you can do at ... READ the POST

Using my Amy Tangerine Planner as a Memory Planner + 3 Tricks to keep up!

When I first received my Amy Tangerine planner from Bonnie, I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. The colors were incredible, and the designs were amazing!  I was ecstatic that 2 of my favorite designers had collaborated on this! This year i decided to be international about my memory ... READ the POST

Bring Thailand into your home with these simple Thai inspired Paper Crafts!

With Covid-19, most of the world is on a full lock down, travel is currently only a dream with some borders not letting anyone in, and if you do happen to travel, 14 day isolated quarantine to make sure you aren't spreading the virus is key. Head over to our blog post about tracking Covid in your ... READ the POST

Using your Bullet Journal and Planner for good – Black Lives Matter

Check out our #FocusFriday artists! Unless you live under a rock, you will have seen that globally people are taking a strong stand against racism and focusing more on raising the voices of those who need it right now until things fundamentally change.  Over the last few weeks, this has ... READ the POST

Is perfectionism ruining your Bullet Journal Experience?

Want to see the original post for this on perfectionism and bullet journaling? Check it out here. Want to see some messy journals to make you feel totally normal? You’ve seen Bullet Journaling all over the web, and pinterest and social media. It looks like an amazing tool for ... READ the POST




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