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The only bullet journal notebook review you need for 2020! (20 Notebooks Reviewed!)

I know, I know, we have alllllll been there! Wondering what notebook to get? Wondering which will suit your needs and which will be perfect for your year. So I created this HUGE bullet journal notebook review to help our newbies out! We have also highlighted which are front runners in the notebook ... READ the POST

25 Stunning November bullet journal ideas and cover pages

Hello November! Haven't you just come screaming around faster than we could have ever expected? Im feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that November is NEXT WEEK! EEEEK. So I thought it was about time to get cracking on those November bullet journal ideas and cover page layouts! If you are ... READ the POST

10 Amazing Purple bullet journal ideas!

This post was updated on 29th September 2019 to include more amazing purple bullet journal spreads! Oh hello again dear ones! Yes yes yes! Time again for another round of purple bullet journal theme spreads! Excitement never ends! I thought considering this week is sponsored by Blitsy lets put them ... READ the POST

Using my Bullet journal for weight loss: Tracking, Planning and 71+ Examples

 Right, I was hesitant to write a post about weight loss - and especially nervous to write about it in my bullet journal! It was like a Bridget Jones diary of weight loss! I wasn’t really prepared to put my thoughts on paper in a weight loss diary. I was in DENIAL! I was also really scared about ... READ the POST

Wedding planning in your bullet journal + 3 vital things you can’t forget before your big day!

Hey everyone! Erin Floto here from Erin Floto Designs. I was one lucky girl on December 23, 2017 when my boyfriend (who had been my best friend since we met in 2011) proposed to me! Without getting too into the details, our cats and candy was involved in this proposal. Maybe not you thing, but it ... READ the POST

Using your undated planner as a wedding journal and planner! + Free Mood Board printable and Memory Prompt

Hi! Today I’m going to start a 6 month journey to planning a wedding in Feb 2020. Why? Because I can. Well maybe some background to this. When I became a NZ citizen, I promised to myself and to my new country of citizenship I would give back to the community. SO! I became a celebrant, volunteered at ... READ the POST