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17 awesome Quran Journaling spreads

Well! This was a full scale lesson for me! I am not religious in any way shape or form - but when I did our bible journaling post, I thought it only fair to include our awesome Muslim bothers and sisters. Why? Because journaling is an unbiased setting to do amazing self reflection. So I had to add ... READ the POST

43 Cute and Clever Washi Tape Swatches for your bullet journal

Hellllooooooo Washi Tape! We all piles of washi tape - and no where to use it right? So how can we create some clever washi tape swatches for your bullet journal? Or are there ways we can use washi tape in a spread to make it more awesome? You can see our other swatch spreads over here Do you wanna ... READ the POST

100+ Mandala Inspired bullet journal themes to release your inner awesome!

(Updated in January 2019 - Now includes 100 amazing Mandala Inspired Bullet Journal Spreads!) Well its funny because Mandala literally means circle - and its not quite or exactly a circle is it? When we look at mandala bullet journal spreads they really just look like great doodles right!? What ... READ the POST

30+ eye-popping rainbow theme bullet journal spreads

Hi Lovely, I wanted to let you know that some of these links in the post are affiliate links, this means that at NO extra cost to you, I earn a small commission when you purchase. I usually use this to support my sticker addiction and make fun things for our audience!

Rainbow week was amazing! Some incredible rainbow themed bullet journal spreads were shared from around the world. So i thought - considering it was rainbow themed week and also Pride Month in some countries, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about why the rainbow flag is used to ... READ the POST

27 Messy Style bullet journals to make you feel totally normal

Ok - Lets talk about this and it is really important: Comparison is the their of joy - Theodore Rooseveld I get asked a bajillion times a day "my journal is messy and I wish it could be neater", "how do I get neater handwriting" No! What we should be asking is "how do I accept what my journal ... READ the POST

55+ Creative Book and Reading trackers for your Bullet journal

Updated on June 1 2020 Hi book lover! Book worm or any other term you want to go by! For me, it's the smell and feel of books, I love sniffing the centre of the book. It's also a great way to unwind, declutter your mind and create a world for yourself, or even transport you to another ... READ the POST




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