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Why having a memory spread in your bullet journal is awesome (29 Examples)

Dont for a second think that we are asking you to create a memory spread for every single memory! But we do know the health benefits of reflecting on gratitude and those memories that made you happy over a period of time. So what does a memory bullet journal spread have in it? Anything you think was ... READ the POST

70 incredibly pretty floral bullet journal spreads

Granted 70 is obviously a lot! But I couldn't break it down! Yes I could have but I wanted to see all the pretty floral bullet journal spreads!! Drawing florals can be an absolute pleasure - I personally am absolutely terrible at it. So terrible in fact that I've shared my botanical drawing books ... READ the POST

50 amazing doodle “How to’s” for your bullet journal

Updated on 21 September 2019 making it 60+ amazing doodle how to's! This is probably going to be one of my favorite posts of all time! And I dont even know where to start I am so excited! So i started collecting these little "How-To" posts because I found them so helpful when creating little ... READ the POST

33 tropical inspired bullet journal spreads

Do you need a holiday? I need a holiday and a tropical environment would be the perfect way for me to relax! And these spreads make me want that tropical holiday even more! I have taken some time to round up 33 of the most gorgeous tropical bullet journal spreads to inspire some awesomeness in your ... READ the POST

27 Messy Style bullet journals to make you feel totally normal

Ok - Lets talk about this and it is really important: Comparison is the their of joy - Theodore Rooseveld I get asked a bajillion times a day "my journal is messy and I wish it could be neater", "how do I get neater handwriting" No! What we should be asking is "how do I accept what my journal ... READ the POST