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25+ Amazing Green Bullet journal theme layouts!

Updated on the 1st October 2019 If you are looking for some great green bullet journal spread inspiration you have come to the right place! This week we round up the most gorgeous green spreads from around the world! We even have some amazing green leaves in your bullet journal and ... READ the POST

Men that bullet journal – aka Blokes that BuJo! 19+ Inspirational Male accounts!

When I head into my statistics on Instagram - my audience is 93% women and a mere 7% men. That doesn't mean, that men cannot bullet journal, or that its predominately for women, no SIR! Bullet Journling is a system, one that is adaptable and has no gender bias. But bullet journal for men is totally ... READ the POST

17 Inspirational Wellness Trackers to kick you into gear!

Hello February - the month where you thought you could achieve those resolutions you put in place! This month we are looking at everything wellness focused. The first things we are delving into is wellness trackers for your bullet journal - read more about weight-loss and fitness trackers ... READ the POST

The top 10 Bullet Journallers every newbie should follow!

Updated October 2019 When you are starting out on your bullet journal journey, it can be really overwhelming finding the good pages versus the ones that might make you feel even more overwhelmed. We have made it crazy easy for you! So these 10 bullet journal accounts to follow are key to getting ... READ the POST

The top 10 pink bullet journal spreads from this week!

This was my very first bullet journal blog post! On the 12th Jan 2018! I was so exited and so nervous and I look back today (October 2019) and i see how far I have come, how much I have grown and how many amazing accounts I have seen! I love this community and everything it stands for! I know it’s ... READ the POST

Why you might fail at using a bullet journal

Here are 5 main reasons your bullet journal journey may fail you! And a couple of suggestions on how to help prevent that from happening! Bullet journals are amazing! They help with creativity, they help you organize your life, and they are so unique to you and your needs! While there are many ... READ the POST



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