Review: Newyes Reusable Erasable Smart Notebook

When I was approached by Newyes to review their Erasable smart notebooks and reusable sticky notes, I was somewhat sceptical! I didn’t think it would be something I could use or come to love! However I was totally wrong!

If you are looking to grab one; you can get one from Newyes directly and if you would like to see our other notebook reviews head over to our reviews section

What you get in the Newyes Reusable Notebook Box

Inside the box you get a pen, the notebook, and some really cute neon flags, you also receive a flannel, which I assume is for wiping down any remaining stuff on the page.

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The Newyes Reusable Notebook

The Newyes notebook its-self is interesting, and the pages of the notebook are smooth and thick, its like a thick laminated page, but not as stiff.

The notebook has a 6 ring binder inside and there is both lined paper and dot grid paper. There are 50pages that the notebook comes with. The dots are quite far apart at 0.8cm x 0.8cm. This gives much more landscape than the usual 0.5cm squares that are usually the standard size for bullet journals.

The outside is a lovely faux leather cover which has a wee pocket on the font and a pen loop.

There is a magnetic closure and when you open the notebook there are 2 additional pockets and 3 card holders.

The notebook itself comes in a variety of colors; including pink and blue, black and a lovely tan version.

The 6 ring binder is a standard size and you can easily find a hole punch for this size at any stationery retail store. The binder themselves are easy to open. This means you can easily put your own planner details within the notebook by printing schedules, to do lists or spreads out in your planner.

Using the reusable Newyes Paper

This is interesting, they recommend using erasable pens and they supply you with one and recommend using Frixon pens. I had Frixion markers so have those a go.

The erasable pens also work on standard paper where you can erase minor mistakes –

It was really easy to write on and erase using the little pen eraser. I then tried the hairdryer and this was a really simple way to erase everything on the page and the frixion markers. If you want to know more about how these faired check out the pro’s and cons details below.


If you have a layout for your planner that you really enjoy using regularly, then use a permanent marker to mark the spread down on your Newyes Paper. Once you are done with your week, simply erase the whole week with your hair dryer! Makes for a simple and reusable planner.

I use the pink reusable tabbed notes to tab where my weekly page is and as well as any notes I might want to transfer over to the next page.

Using the App with the Newyes notebook

It was really easy to download the app and get started. There was a free version and a paid version and I didn’t have to login to use the free version.

It was very simple to take a photo and convert this to PDF. The app also can take the writing and convert it to digital text.

I wrote in both cursive and print and the app struggled with the cursive and was great with print – I then tested the translation tool which worked well too! Very clever little goodie! I really like that as a tool! It makes functionality for work far more appealing!

Pros and Cons

Now, I think this would be amazing for work, where I usually just carry around one notebook for meeting notes – this would be great to scan the notes and use for work. I also wouldn’t have major heat changes at my desk with pretty consistent temperatures.

The con however, is that if it gets cold enough all the notes will come right back, or if you leave your notebook in the sun or a hot car, you loose all your notes, which is not ideal – but then again you could pop it in the freezer to recover them but then you have all your old notes too. So while its pretty ingenious it has its draw backs.

Another con, is that you can only really use erasable pens on the paper, other pens will not disappear magically.

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