13 Things to track in your bullet journal during the Corona Virus Pandemic

It is no surprise that during this difficult time there is fear and panic. With WHO declaring Covid-19 a pandemic the world is on high alert, lock downs and bans left and right. 

Now before we get started lets talk about some of the facts:

If you are seeking medical advice, go directly to your countries health guidance as well as the guidance published by WHO, these guidelines are factual and up to date so make sure you follow these guidelines. 

Remeber to call ahead to your doctor if you suspect you have Corona or Covid-19, because you dont want to infect other patients or doctors.

Most importantly, be kind to others.

So lets get into talking about things that you can track or do in your bullet journal should you be exposed to Corona or you are in a situation where you are in a lock down. 

Using up time with your BuJo, if you are in a country on lockdown

I cant even imagine how scary this is for people. The idea that whole countries – Italy in particular have been shut down is incredible. So here are some ways you can use your bullet journal to use up some of that forced down time you might have.

  1. Prepare your upcoming months

With time on your hands, rather than filling yourself with panic and mis-information, try filling it with designing spreads for future months, being ahead could help you feel more in control.  

2.Try a new style

If you have been very minimalist in your bullet journal style, this might very well work for you, however you might find, to use up some of your time, you might want to try a new technique, watercoloring or techniques you may not have tried before. Many things can be ordered online these days and this might prompt you to try something totally different to what you might have tried in the past.

3. Journaling your experience

This is something that vary rarely happens on a scale such as this, this would be a great opportunity to use some of the space in your journal or notebook to write down how you feel during this time. How things have impacted you directly or your family. It will also help you focus less on some of the online mis-information

4. Tracking your interactions

This might seem silly, but if you were exposed to the virus, you might then be able to track or trace where and at what point you might have been exposed to it. This would help health officials and doing this daily would help you make sure you know exactly what level of interaction you have had. 

5. Plan your emergency response plan or make a list of things you need in your emergency kit.

Living in New Zealand we do this annually on the anniversary of the big earthquake we had a couple years back. So every year i look at what is in it and what I need to update to make sure its sufficient. On of the things I have added this year was cans of chicken soup and storable bone broth. The reason I’ve done this, is mainly, should someone get sick or I become unwell, i do not want to be cooking but want to make sure I have something hot and nourishing. 

6. Statistics in your neighborhood or state

For me, this personally interests me, there are tons of interesting graphs and information based on location and it allows you to track the information as it unfolds.

7. Things to watch on TV or Netflix

Start making a list of things you might like to watch while on lockdown or things you could binge that you may not have seen before

8. Things you can do at home to bring you joy or energy

Its going to be tough to keep yourself entertained if you have run out of things to do, so making a list of things you would like to try will give you something to tap into if you get stuck for ideas.

9. Track your basic supplies

Check to make sure you still have enough basic supplies of food and medication to last if you need to be self isolated or in lock down.

10. Events you should be attending that have been cancelled

This is pretty big at the moment, events have been cancelled throughout the world to prevent spreading the virus. If you have upcoming events you have been planning for, be sure to track if they have been postponed or cancelled.

11. Food delvieries

You can easily start meal planning and have food delivered to you. Track your supplies, the meals you are having and think about cooking meals you can freeze for later so that if you were to get sick, you don’t have to cook! We have been cooking up a ton of bone broth for soups! YUM!

Things to do or track in your bullet journal if you have been exposed to Covid-19

Worst case scenario. You have been exposed and have to either be in self isolation for 14 days or even worse, you are exposed and have caught the virus. 

Lets just be clear, these are ideas for those that are feeling well, if you are feeling unwell, let your body rest, listen to health professionals and make sure you are getting the right care. 

IF you are feeling up to it, or showing no symptoms here are some suggestions (including the ones above) on what you could track or keep a note of:

  1. Your temperature

Keeping track of your vitals is critical in this time so that you can see if you are starting to get unwell or starting, there are a number of ways you could track this, color wise or even just a graph. 

2. Track your symptoms

If you are in self isolation make sure to track all your symptoms to be sure to share this with your healthcare professional. 

3. People you have come in contact with

This is important to health professionals and your care providers so that they can track any community exposure

4. Days in Isolation

I am sure you might start going stir crazy, I know I definitely would, so make sure you are crossing off those isolation days so you have something to look forward to at the end.

Filling blank pages in your bullet journal while in corona isolation or lockdown

I know personally that sometimes your days are so boring or nothing is happening that your planner or bullet journal just lays aside and gathers dust. WELL DUST IT OFF, and use those days to capture how you feel, or interesting news articles, big events that have happened in the world or things that your are grateful for.

These are just a few things I can personally think of, and I am sure you could think of more, but hopefully this helps keep you busy when things get tough. Remember self care is critically important during this time, because your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Clever examples of Health and Wellness trackers to get you started

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