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60+ amazing doodle “How to’s” for your bullet journal

Updated on 21 September 2019 making it 60+ amazing doodle how to's! This is probably going to be one of my favorite posts of all time! And I dont even know where to start I am so excited! So i started collecting these little "How-To" posts because I found them so helpful when creating little ... READ the POST

Easy bullet journal spread design in under 15 minutes!

Hi Lovely, I wanted to let you know that some of these links in the post are affiliate links, this means that at NO extra cost to you, I earn a small commission when you purchase. I usually use this to support my sticker addiction and make fun things for our audience!

  We all struggle with creating time to do a spread! What if I told you - you can create a spread in under 15 minutes? Well you can! Easy bullet journal spreads can be created with a little help from stencils and stamps and in this post we will discuss using stencils to help you create those ... READ the POST

Interview with Karin from Ipad Lettering

I had an assignment for my course in Digital Design and creativity! The assignment focused on the impact Instagram had had on society. So I approached some big names in Instagram and asked them a couple of questions! If you want to see more interviews check here! While Karin doesn't live round ... READ the POST

6 Up and Coming Newbies you should follow and 5 tips to getting bullet journals right at the start

We were all there at some point! We all had to start with a blank bullet journal or notebook at some stage. So how did everyone else overcome that first hurdle of putting pen to paper and taking the leap?  So we have rounded up some of the most adorable bullet journal newbies accounts to show ... READ the POST

Review: Karst Stone Paper Dot Grid

Holy f*cking guacamole. Stone Paper. Who would have thought! And a Stone Paper Dot Journal!? So I had heard mixed reviews on this journal, I had heard that nothing dries, fountain pens stay wet after 24 hours and the only thing you can use to write on it, is markers. So off I went and got myself a ... READ the POST

11 Things I wish I knew before starting a bullet journal

Have you ever asked yourself - what are the things i wish i knew before starting a bullet journal ? I did a call out on Instagram for people to help me identify gaps that they had when starting out with bullet journaling. They answers came in fast and strong! So I grouped them together and ... READ the POST




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