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Kanban in your Bullet Journal

I always start with the fact that writing things down is far more helpful for your mental health, and using the KanBan principles in your bullet journal is no different. So what is KanBan? Explaining KanBan and how it can fit into your bullet journal About 50 years ago Toyota began optimising its ... READ the POST

Setting personal and professional goals using Ikigai (Free Values Printable)

I came across this concept in my professional career and it really dawned on me about the holistic view of professional and personal development how this ties in with so many other models around. What I liked about it is that it really looked at how you could still sustain yourself financially ... READ the POST

Part 1: The first 90 of a new job in your bullet journal (+First 90 days Printable)

In this first part of this post, we cover some of the things you should potentially add to your bullet journal to really succeed in your first 90 days of your new job. I have also created a printable for you to try If you are starting on your first. Looking to set your goals before getting a new ... READ the POST

Top 4 tips and products from our favorite Instagrammers!

Recently I did an interview process for an assignment I did on the use of Instagram as a business platform and its impact on society - I snuck a couple of extra questions in to help newbies and those starting out with some great advice and top pro tips! Who did we interview? Some amazing accounts ... READ the POST

Creating the perfect Level 10 Life bullet journal page – Free Printable and examples!

(Updated 16 Nov 2019) Creating the perfect level 10 life spread isn't just about creating a spread that allows you to focus on your goals, its about setting goals that will increase your productivity and laser focus your mindset going forward. having those goals visual to you in key! So what is ... READ the POST

Top 5 challenges every bullet journalist faces

Hi Lovely, I wanted to let you know that some of these links in the post are affiliate links, this means that at NO extra cost to you, I earn a small commission when you purchase. I usually use this to support my sticker addiction and make fun things for our audience!

When you first enter the world of bullet journals, it can be really daunting, and scary, when you have been doing it for a while it starts becoming easier and you find your own groove, which is great, but there are still challenges you face, even for seasoned professionals. So we put the question ... READ the POST




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