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20 Sleep Trackers in your bullet journal for better sleep habits

Tracking your sleep can be extremely beneficial to you mental and physical health. Using Sleep Trackers in your bullet journal you can establish if there are negative patterns leading you to become more fatigued or limiting your sleep. In previous posts we have also covered dream catcher spreads ... READ the POST

39 Period Tracker bullet journal layout and spread ideas

Oh "Bloody hell", the cramps, the crime scenes! The names that come with this feminine monthly time can be  totally ridiculous! And I am so glad to be part of a community that can see the humor in period tracking so these period tracker bullet journal layout idea are perfect! So lets talk about ... READ the POST

45 Follow-worthy Instagram Trackers

Lets talk for a second about instagram engagement. I get at least 5 messages a week asking me specifically how I grew my instagram following and how a person can grow theirs - I wrote an entire post about it which you can read here. Before we get started, are you starting a business and want to see ... READ the POST

51 utterly amazing Habit and Mood trackers

Habit and mood trackers for your bullet journal seem to be one of the most photographed and documented of the creative spreads in bullet journaling. People get incredibly creative with them but why do people actually track moods and habits? As a Safety and Wellbeing manager, my jobs is to make ... READ the POST

How to draw a bullet journal circle habit tracker

Hi Lovely, Thank you so much for joining me here. Some of these links in this post may contain affiliate links, this means at no cost to you - I earn a small commission. I usually use this to support my sticker addiction!

Are you wondering how to draw a bullet journal circle habit tracker? I got asked a ton of times this week "How do I draw the Circle Habit Tracker" (ok maybe about 5 but 5 was enough for me to launch into full scale - LETS HELP ALL THE PEOPLE MODE! I realized, because I am in NZ - We don't ... READ the POST

Top 12 habit tracker bullet journal spreads

This was undoubtedly my favorite week! The most amazing habit tracker bullet journal spreads from around the world! Holy smokes! I couldn't stop at 10. There were far far far to many that needed special mention! So I settled for a bumper edition post! Naughty me! haha! And then finally getting ... READ the POST




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