April Autumn Journal Plan with me

April as you know is my favorite month of the year! Why? Because you can physically see your environment change AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY. So in this April plan with me, I am celebrating the month of April!

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For this month, I wanted to wrap myself in the warmness and self care that I was desperately needing. Feb and March were intense and I needed some “me space” so what a perfect way to focus in on that goal by making a monthly spread that takes me out of my normal habits.

How did I decide on a theme?

For April I chose to do something totally different, usually I would do something for my work planner, and for my personal bullet journal, but this month I wanted to capture moments in my notebook to remind me of gratitude and the little things in life that bring joy.

I really wanted to build up a catalogue of memories. So for April I decided I would focus in on mental health and wellbeing, warmness and the feeling of the changing seasons for autumn.

What tools and things did I use?

This was amazing collaborate with Warehouse Stationery on this project and for this project I used the following goodies:

  • Travelers Notebook
  • Secret Garden Washi Tape
  • Secret Garden Die Cuts
  • Secret Garden Twine
  • Secret Garden Card Stock
  • Yellow, Green and Orange Card Stock
  • Gouache
  • Gold Acrylic Pen
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Gold Stickers
  • Stamps

How did I do it?

Hello April: Creating the little leaves

To be able to make the little leaves, I used the colored cars stock and drew on the leaves I wanted to cut out – I started by cutting out the smaller parts leaves first and this made it easier to the details.

It took a wee while to cut these little leaves so it is a good idea to prep them in advance or slowly over a week and make a couple at at time.

Creating the Photo Memory Page

This was really easy, I layered the dicuts and the washi tape from the Secret garden collection, and added in some of the extra leaves I cut from the front page into the spread. I really like the look and feel of these together and felt it added a lot of texture to the spread.

I loved how it came together and I loved how it embodied autmn so gorgeously.

Creating the calendar spread for April

Here I used mix of styles to create something that would be really textured and easy to use. I wanted some space to add events and information for what was coming up in the month.

By using the dotted pages I was able to give myself more than enough space to write notes and details.

Creating my Self Care page

I wanted to make sure i had a ton of suggestions for self care for the month of April. During April my son will head over to his dad for the school holidays and this will mean that I get a week of doing some good self reflection time and self care. So I wrote down a ton of things I wanted to do during this time and make sure I remembered to focus on this!

I divided the self care into Physical and mental and jotted down all the things that bring me joy. One of the main things that bring me joy is my son, and his adorable sense of humor, but because he’ll be away for the holidays, I need to make sure I am doing things that make me feel whole and happy without him.

I didn’t want to put to much pressure on myself to track my habits this month so chose to list them and then mention them in my journal if I was able to do them!

Creating my weekly spreads

For this month, I wanted a ton of space to jot down events and notes, so made sure to keep the pages open with enough space to write all the details and priorities and events. Travelers note books are notoriously smaller to write in so wanted to maximise my space for this.

I used a variety of styles to make my notebook fun this month, from layering paper to using little cut outs to shape the days, as well as using a bucket load of die cuts and florals

Creating the Yarn Page

This page was slightly more complex than some of the others, but was actually really easy to do too.

I used a sharp nosed tweezer to poke a couple holes into my paper and then threaded the twine through the page. I finished it off by sticking the pages together to be able to keep all the twine together and not let it get loose.

I added a little quote card from the secret garden series by trimming it out of the pack and sticking it in.

To finish the month up, Ill be adding some reflection pages and a couple more memory keeping pages which I think will round up the journal for April really nicely.

One of the things I really love about travelers notebooks is that when you are done you can easily replace them with a new notebook and you do not need to replace the entire binder, this works as a great alternative if you are wanting to keep a yearly spread in your notebook which you can move around with you.

I love the flexibility of the travelers note books and I am so happy that Warehouse Stationery has started stocking them!

Watch the full How-to video for this April Plan with me!

Watch the whole step by step process on how I managed to create this in my travelers notebook!

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