61+ Superb September Bullet Journal Layouts To Inspire You

Updated August 2022 +20 New September Bullet Journal Cover Page Images!

September bullet journal layouts are usually a lot of fun. Depending on where you are in the world, we are either transitioning directly into autumn or directly into spring. Because of this, the month will feel more like a “transition,” and it will be a lot of fun to design within your bullet journal!

Creating the perfect opening spread for your new month can be really daunting, so to help we have put together 27 gorgeous September bullet journal layout ideas for you to cast your eyes over.

Are you looking for some other specific months? We have a whole section dedicated to monthly bujo ideas on the blog 🙂

Embracing the September Vibes

As the leaves begin to change and a crisp breeze sweeps through the air, September ushers in a season of transition and renewal. It’s a month that bridges the gap between the fading warmth of summer and the cozy embrace of autumn, or for those in the southern hemisphere, the hopeful emergence of spring. This unique juxtaposition of seasons makes September an ideal canvas for your bullet journal, allowing you to capture the essence of change and growth in your planning.

Transition from Summer to Autumn (or Winter to Spring): September marks a significant shift in the natural world, where the landscapes transform in preparation for the months ahead. In the northern hemisphere, the trees shed their vibrant green hues, replacing them with warm shades of red, orange, and yellow. This shift can be mirrored in your bullet journal’s color palette, with earthy tones that mirror the changing foliage. For those in the southern hemisphere, September is a time of budding blossoms and rejuvenated flora. Incorporate pastel shades and floral motifs to reflect this renewal.

Themes that Capture September’s Essence:

  1. Autumn Harvest: Celebrate the bountiful crops and the richness of the harvest season. Incorporate illustrations of pumpkins, apples, cornucopias, and other harvest symbols. Your habit trackers can resemble a harvest basket filling up with completed goals, reinforcing the idea of reaping the rewards of your efforts.
  2. Back-to-School: Embrace the nostalgia of starting a new school year, even if you’re not in school yourself. Utilize ruled lines, notebook paper textures, and playful doodles of pencils, books, and globes. Design spreads for goal-setting, skill-building, and learning experiences, symbolizing your continuous journey of growth.
  3. Renewal and Change: Capture the transformative energy of September by focusing on personal renewal and embracing change. Use symbols like butterflies emerging from cocoons, raindrops nurturing new growth, and arrows to signify forward momentum. Create pages dedicated to reflection, setting intentions, and tracking progress toward positive transformations.

Whichever theme you choose, remember that the essence of September lies in its transitional nature—a bridge between the familiar and the unknown. Your bullet journal becomes a canvas for channeling this energy, allowing you to celebrate the cyclical rhythms of nature and your own journey of self-discovery.

By embracing September’s vibes in your bullet journal, you’re not just creating a visual representation of the month, but also embracing the concept of change and growth that it embodies. As you sit down with your journal and your favorite pens, let the unique characteristics of September guide your hand, reminding you that like the seasons, you too are in a state of constant evolution.

Nature-Inspired Themes

Autumn Leaves and Colors:

Incorporating Warm and Earthy Tones: Autumn is synonymous with warm and inviting colors that mimic the changing leaves. In your bullet journal, infuse your pages with shades of deep red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and rich browns. These colors can be used as background shades, headers, and accents to create a cozy atmosphere that reflects the season.

Leaf Doodles, Color Palettes, and Decorative Elements:

  1. Leaf Doodles: Incorporate intricate leaf doodles throughout your spreads. You can draw different types of leaves, such as oak, maple, and birch, in various sizes and positions. These doodles can frame headers, separate sections, or even form borders around your content.
  2. Color Gradients: Create color gradients that mimic the changing hues of autumn leaves. Use watercolor or markers to blend warm colors together, and apply these gradients as background washes for headers or full pages.
  3. Decorative Stamps or Stickers: Utilize stamps or stickers featuring leaf motifs to effortlessly enhance your pages. These can be used to create borders, embellish corners, or even mark important dates in your calendar.

Harvest Bounty:

Depicting Ripe Fruits, Vegetables, and Harvest Imagery:

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Illustrations: Incorporate detailed illustrations of ripe fruits and vegetables that are commonly associated with the harvest season. Think pumpkins, apples, grapes, and corn. These can be scattered across your pages or integrated into headers and borders.
  2. Basket and Crate Doodles: Draw baskets or crates overflowing with the bounty of the harvest. These containers can serve as decorative elements on their own or as spaces to jot down your to-do lists, goals, or reflections for the month.

Suggested Trackers for Personal Growth and Achievements:

  1. Fruitful Goals Tracker: Design a tree illustration with branches that represent your goals for the month. As you make progress toward each goal, add leaves or fruits to symbolize your achievements. This tracker not only visually represents your growth but also reflects the fruitfulness of your efforts.
  2. Harvest of Habits: Create a tracker that resembles a field divided into sections. Each section represents a habit you want to cultivate or improve upon. As you consistently engage in each habit, color in the section or place a small illustration of a harvested item to signify your progress.
  3. Reflecting on Gratitude: Craft a gratitude journal page with a cornucopia illustration at the center. Surround it with leaves where you jot down things you’re thankful for throughout the month. This tracker encourages mindfulness and an appreciation for the blessings in your life.

By seamlessly weaving warm colors, autumnal elements, and creative trackers into your September bullet journal, you’re not only capturing the aesthetic beauty of the season but also infusing your planning with a deeper connection to nature and personal growth. As you flip through your journal, each page becomes a reminder of the cyclical rhythms of life and the importance of tending to your own journey of evolution.

What is the easiest way to create a September bullet journal layout?

Our September bullet journal layouts and spreads are typically aligned with spring themes, such as flowers, because we are heading into spring in September in New Zealand (or the Southern Hemisphere in general). On the other hand, our people in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into fall (or autumn), so you can expect to see a really good mix of spreads based on geographical locations.

The easiest way to create a September bullet journal theme is to keep it simple! Use whats around you or use simple lettering!

7 fun facts about the month of September

Some things maybe you didnt know about September – I know that I didn’t know about it!

  1. The name September comes from the Latin septem, meaning seven, since it was the seventh month of the Roman calendar, which began with March.
  2. September has three birth flowers: the forget-me-not, the morning glory, and the aster. Forget-me-nots represent love and memories, asters represent love as well, and the morning glory represents unrequited love.
  3. The September birthstone is Sapphire
  4. The Romans believed that the month of September was looked after by the god of the fire and forge – Vulcan. Therefore, they expected fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in this month.
  5. In 1752, September had only 19 days in the UK. The 3rd-13th were omitted in the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar.
  6. On an average September day more babies are born in the US than on a day in any other month.
  7. In the UK, September 26 is the most common birthday for people born in the last 20 years

Some easy September bullet journal ideas and themes

Coming up with  September bullet journal themes might be rather challenging! Especially if you have used up all your good ideas at the start of the year! So, in order to get you started, here are some fantastic September journal ideas that you may use.

  • Spring and fall themes depend on where you are in the world
  • Woodland or animal themes feel themes to feel that fall vibe.
  • In the United states, school usually goes back, so the perfect vibe here would be a back-to-school theme
  • Cute camping or out doors themes
  • Capture the changing seasons with oranges and leaves

Top 5 Bullet Journal Ideas for September You Shouldn’t Miss

From capturing the essence of a vintage library to exploring the symbolism of metamorphosis, September offers a wealth of inspiration. Here are the top 5 September bujo themes you won’t want to miss:

  1. Back-to-School: Utilize notebook doodles and classic classroom elements.
  2. Vintage Library: Opt for bookshelf trackers and antique-style drawings.
  3. Metamorphosis: Symbolize personal growth with caterpillar-to-butterfly doodles.
  4. Changing Seasons: Use color gradients and weather icons to signify seasonal transitions.
  5. Global Exploration: Dedicate spreads to different cultures, incorporating flags and traditional patterns.

Back-to-School Themes

Classroom Nostalgia:

Recreating a Classroom Atmosphere: Bringing back the nostalgia of the classroom is a delightful way to capture the essence of a back-to-school theme in your bullet journal. To achieve this, incorporate elements that remind you of your school days:

  • Lined Paper Background: Use light, ruled lines as a background to evoke the look of notebook paper. This can serve as the base for headers, task lists, and journal entries.
  • Chalkboard Fonts: Opt for fonts that mimic the handwritten chalkboard style. These fonts can be used for headers, titles, and special quotes.
  • Academic Motifs: Add doodles of school-related items like pencils, rulers, erasers, and globes. Scatter these motifs throughout your spreads for an authentic classroom feel.

Layouts for Study Schedules, Reading Lists, and Skill-building Trackers:

  1. Weekly Study Schedule: Design a weekly study schedule with each day divided into time slots. Assign subjects or tasks to each slot, and track your progress throughout the week. Consider adding motivational quotes or encouraging messages in chalkboard-style fonts.
  2. Reading List and Progress Tracker: Dedicate a page or spread to your reading list for the month. Create bookshelf illustrations where you can “stack” the books you plan to read. As you complete each book, color in or fill in the books on your bookshelf to visually track your progress.
  3. Skill-building Tracker: Design a chalkboard-style progress tracker for skills you want to develop during the month. Divide the chalkboard into sections for each skill and use chalk-inspired fonts to label them. Fill in each section as you practice and improve your abilities.

Vintage Library:

Creating an Old Library Ambiance: Turning your bullet journal into an old library is a unique and charming way to celebrate the back-to-school season. Embrace the aura of well-worn books and literary treasures with these ideas:

  • Bookshelf Trackers: Design bookshelf illustrations on pages where you plan to track your goals or habits. Each book on the shelf can represent a specific goal, and as you make progress, you can “pull” the book from the shelf and place it in a designated area to signify achievement.
  • “Book” Logs: Instead of traditional habit trackers, use a “book” log concept. Each book on your log represents a habit or goal. As you work on each habit, color or fill in the book, turning your log into a library of accomplishments.

Creating Antique-Style Drawings and Aged Paper Effects:

  1. Antique Illustrations: Choose a few key pages, such as cover pages or divider pages, to feature antique-style drawings. You can draw old-fashioned inkwells, quills, vintage keys, or scrolls. Use sepia tones to evoke a sense of history.
  2. Aged Paper Effects: To achieve the appearance of aged paper, consider lightly crumpling the edges of your pages. You can also use a tea-staining technique by lightly brushing brewed tea over the paper and allowing it to dry. This adds a warm, antiqued look to your pages.

By diving into the realm of classroom nostalgia and vintage libraries within your bullet journal, you’re not only creating an artistic space but also transporting yourself back to the magic of learning and exploration. Each page becomes a window into the world of academia and imagination, reminding you of the joy that comes from expanding your knowledge and skills.

Transition and Change Themes


Symbolism of Caterpillars to Butterflies and Personal Growth: The metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies holds a powerful symbolism of transformation and growth. Just as the caterpillar undergoes a profound change to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, so do we experience personal growth by embracing change and navigating challenges. In your bullet journal, you can use this symbolism to represent your journey toward positive transformation.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Butterflies and Creating Trackers:

  1. Butterfly Doodles: Start by drawing the outline of a butterfly with a pencil. Draw two symmetrical wings with gentle curves. Then, add details such as wing patterns, antennae, and a body. You can use references from nature or art to guide your design.
  2. Transformation Tracker: Create a tracker that visually represents your progress toward positive changes. Draw a caterpillar at the beginning of the tracker and a butterfly at the end. Divide the space in between into sections, each representing a step or milestone in your journey. As you move forward, color in or decorate each section to symbolize your growth.
  3. Reflection Pages: Dedicate a few pages to reflective writing. Write about areas in your life where you’re seeking positive change and growth. Journal about your thoughts, feelings, and insights as you progress through your transformation journey. Use the butterfly motif as a reminder of your evolution.

Changing Seasons:

Capturing Transitioning Seasons with Color Gradients and Icons:

  1. Color Gradients: Create color gradients that transition from warm, vibrant hues to cooler, muted tones. These gradients can represent the changing seasons, from the fading warmth of summer to the approaching coolness of autumn, or vice versa. Use these gradients as background washes, headers, or even for illustrating weather-related scenes.
  2. Weather Icons: Incorporate weather-related icons to represent the shifting seasons. Draw suns, clouds, raindrops, snowflakes, or leaves to mirror the weather changes happening around you. These icons can be used in daily or weekly logs to signify the atmosphere of each day.

Layouts for Mood Trackers and Reflections:

  1. Seasonal Mood Tracker: Design a mood tracker that captures the emotional nuances of each season. Create a grid with each row representing a month and each column corresponding to a day. Use different colors to fill in each cell based on your mood for the day. Over time, you’ll have a visual representation of how your emotions ebb and flow with the changing seasons.
  2. Seasonal Reflection Pages: Allocate pages for seasonal reflections. Divide each page into sections for different seasons. Write about the changes you’ve experienced, both internally and externally, during each season. Include memories, personal growth, and thoughts on how you want to embrace the upcoming season.

As you dive into the themes of metamorphosis and changing seasons within your bullet journal, you’re not only chronicling the transitions happening around you but also acknowledging the potential for growth and positive change within yourself. Each stroke of your pen becomes a step in your journey, each page a testimony to your evolution, and each symbol a reminder that change is a natural and beautiful part of life.

Travel-Inspired Themes

Journey to Adventure:

Designing Your Bullet Journal as a Travel Journal: Transform your bullet journal into a travel journal, capturing the excitement and wanderlust of exploring new places and cultures. Here’s how:

  • Map Pages: Begin with a map spread featuring the destinations you’ve been to or dream of visiting. You can mark them with illustrations of landmarks or tiny flags.
  • Landmark Illustrations: Dedicate pages to specific landmarks from your past travels or places you aspire to visit. Sketch or use stickers to depict famous monuments, buildings, or natural wonders.
  • Bucket Lists: Create a travel bucket list spread. Divide it into sections for different types of destinations, like beaches, mountains, cities, or historical sites. As you explore these places, check them off and add short notes about your experiences.

Suggestions for Documenting Past Trips and Planning Future Ones:

  1. Memory Collages: Design collage-style pages for each trip, combining photos, tickets, postcards, and mementos. Include short anecdotes or captions to relive the moments.
  2. Itinerary Logs: Dedicate pages to detailed itineraries of your past trips. Include dates, activities, restaurants, and experiences. This not only serves as a nostalgic reference but can also inspire future adventures.
  3. Future Travel Spreads: Create pages with inspiring images, travel quotes, and notes about places you’d like to explore. Include practical information like flight details, accommodation options, and things to do.

Global Exploration:

Focusing on Different Countries or Cultures Each Week:

  1. Weekly Country Features: Select a different country each week and design your pages around its culture, landmarks, and traditions. Incorporate facts, images, and symbols that represent that country’s essence.
  2. Cultural Highlight Pages: Dedicate pages to exploring specific aspects of cultures, such as cuisine, art, fashion, or festivals. Research and include information about these cultural elements along with your personal reflections.

Incorporating Flags, Traditional Patterns, and Cuisine-Related Trackers:

  1. Flag Doodles and Icons: Draw or include stickers of flags from around the world. Use them to mark special events, holidays, or cultural observations.
  2. Traditional Patterns: Integrate traditional patterns or motifs from different countries into your headers, dividers, or background elements. These patterns can add a vibrant and global touch to your spreads.
  3. Cuisine-Related Trackers: Create trackers that revolve around trying cuisines from different regions. Design a “food passport” where you jot down the dishes you’ve experienced or want to try. Incorporate illustrations or stickers of the dishes.

As you dive into travel-inspired themes within your bullet journal, you’re not only documenting your adventures but also igniting your passion for exploration and cultural discovery. Each page becomes a gateway to new horizons, each illustration a tribute to the diverse beauty of our world. Whether you’re reminiscing about past journeys or plotting future ones, your bullet journal becomes a vessel that transports you to the far corners of the Earth and beyond.

Hello September bullet journal cover page

Having a cover page is not something you need to do, but it can also give you intention to your month and makes for a good book divider! There are a ton of ways you can use the sept bujo ideas to get your month started!

Our 61 featured September bullet journal layouts grouped by theme

Cute woodland and fall-feeling themes

There is a long tradition of folklore in woodlands have been the setting for countless tales and fairytales (rumor has it that the Brothers Grimm took inspiration from the Black Forest when writing Hansel and Gretel). And while the woods are home to a plethora of legends and mysteries, they are also home to something that is maybe even more priceless: I am, of course, referring to the adorable animals that live in the forest.

Super Simple and Minimal September bullet journal themes

Discover the elegance of simplicity with our curated selection of Super Simple and Minimal September Bullet Journal Themes. In this section, you’ll find an array of straightforward yet stunning ideas that are easy to replicate for your September bullet journal spreads. These themes not only boost your journal’s visual appeal but also serve as functional organizers for your month ahead. And don’t just take our word for it—scroll down to see supporting images that bring these minimal September bullet journal ideas to life. Whether you’re a bujo novice or a seasoned veteran, these minimalist themes offer a fresh take on September bullet journaling.

Back to school September Bullet Journal Ideas

Get ready to hit the books in style with our inspiring Back to School September Bullet Journal Ideas. This comprehensive guide features a variety of creative spreads and themes designed to keep you organized and motivated for the academic year ahead. Whether you’re a student or a parent preparing for the new school term, these September bullet journal spreads offer the perfect blend of form and function. Browse through the ideas below and check out the accompanying images that demonstrate just how dynamic and useful a back-to-school bullet journal can be for your September planning.

Spring feeling September bullet journal cover pages

Embrace the freshness of spring with our delightful Spring Feeling September Bullet Journal Cover Pages. This guide is curated to breathe new life into your journaling routine by focusing on cover pages that exude the spirit and colours of springtime. Ideal for those looking to revitalise their September bullet journal themes, these cover page ideas come with accompanying images to serve as your creative inspiration. Whether you’re into florals, pastels, or simple minimalist designs, our selection promises to give your September bullet journal a sprightly twist.

Other creative September cover page ideas for your Bullet Journal

Awesome bullet journal ideas for September added in 2022

I love including new and updated spreads, these gorgeous Sept Bullet Journals are SURE to please!

Frequently Asked Questions about September Bujo Themes

What are the popular September bullet journal themes?

September is a transitional month that offers a range of thematic inspirations for your bullet journal. From the start of spring or autumn, depending on your location, to back-to-school vibes, the options are endless for September bujo themes.

How do I create September bullet journal spreads that stand out?

Creating eye-catching September bullet journal spreads involves a blend of creativity, planning, and personal touch. Whether it’s using vibrant color schemes or incorporating unique elements like vintage library designs, your September bullet journal ideas should resonate with you.

Are seasonal themes a good choice for my September bullet journal?

Absolutely, seasonal themes are a fantastic choice for bullet journals in September. The change of seasons can inspire beautiful September bullet journal spreads that reflect the transition in nature.

What are some simple bullet journal ideas for September?

If you’re looking for simpler bullet journal ideas for September, consider minimalist designs, monochrome color schemes, or basic geometric patterns. You don’t have to go elaborate to create impactful September bullet journal themes.

How can I add functionality to my September bullet journal spreads?

For a more functional approach, incorporate various trackers, calendars, and to-do lists into your September bullet journal spreads. Remember, the essence of bullet journaling lies in its utility as much as its aesthetic.

Take Action: Elevate Your September Bullet Journal Today!

Don’t let September pass by without giving your bullet journal the thematic makeover it deserves. Whether you’re new to bullet journaling or an experienced bujo artist, our guide offers you a multitude of September bullet journal ideas to ignite your creativity. Start creating your dream September bullet journal spreads today and make this month truly unforgettable!

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