Cute and easy Woodlands Bullet Journal plan with me for November 2020 that YOU can do!

Have you been wondering how to really PLAN a Bullet journal plan with me? Well for my November 2020 plan with me I am actually (shock) planning out my March 2021! During this plan with me, we create a simple woodlands design. While you sit back and journal with me, I show you the steps I take to chose and research a topic, how I then show you how to design your bullet journal by mapping out how my month and what I will use.

My drawing skills are NOT amazing, so I wanted to keep this bullet journal theme idea as simple as easy as possible! I wanted to draw woodland animal doodles that I knew you would be able to do too! So hang out and explore <<see what I did there?? this really cute woodlands/camping theme for your bullet journal! Check out the video here!

Remember I mentioned the largest list of Bullet Journal Themes? Alphabetised? Check it out now!

Video Transcript and Steps!

Now before you start you will need the following supplies – you can get both these from Archer And Olive you can grab 10% off any order using the code MYINNER10

  • Archer and Olive Neopolitian Notebook
  • Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens

Okay. Every month, I really, really struggle with coming up with bullet journal ideas or something creative. I’m not very artistic. And when I’ve got to think about them, I get really overwhelmed and I’m not a hundred percent sure what I should be doing. So for this Plan With Me, I decided that I’m going to take it a step back, and I’m going to show you how I come up with a theme, how I sketch out the theme, and the theme itself. We’re going to do four weeks of the theme itself. And we’re going to have quotes. We’re going to have a variety of different things in there. Every month, I do a Bullet Journal or Plan With Me in my Happy Planner. And you know what? It would be amazing if you could join me same time next month for another Plan With Me. Hit the subscribe button and hit the bell as well, and you’ll know when that video comes out.

Now, if you don’t know this already, my blog, My Inner Creative, has got the largest collection of theme ideas available. And it’s alphabetized. Isn’t that straightforward and simple? So you can go on the site. You can find a theme that you’re interested in. Chances are that I’ve looked it up and researched it and found examples for you. And check it out and see if you can create something new from that theme too. We have a ton of freebies on the blog. So if you would like to sign up for our emails and freebies, I’ve got a freebie waiting in the wings, ready to go for you. So just click on that subscribe button down below in the comments below and feel free to sign up. I try not to spam, but I do send out emails when we’ve got new videos and new content available.

Basic Bullet Journal theme research?

So how did I come up with the woodland theme? This is really interesting. I actually went to the Rotorua tree top walk where they’ve got these beautiful Californian redwoods, and there was a 3000-year-old Californian redwood sliced down the middle, and you could see all the rings on it. And in my mind, I was like, you know what? Ding, ding, ding. That would make a perfect mood tracker. So with my limited capacity of drawing, I thought, “How am I going to turn that into a mood tracker?” So while I was on this camper van trip, I ended up drawing a really simple mood tracker that kind of looked like the outside of the tree, and I then started Googling it.
And what I do when I’m Googling it is I go to a free pic website and I find some pictures that I think will work with the theme I’m trying to do in my head. Again, I’m not very artistic. So if I can find something really easy to draw, like a doodle, then I’m going to do that. So let me show you the steps that I take to be able to kind of theme up that idea that I have in mind.
Okay, let me know in the comments below what your theme is for this month. I would love to start building up extra themes we haven’t potentially researched on the blog yet so that I can pop them in there. So comment below with that theme that you’re working on for this month, and maybe we can kind of talk about it together.

Drawing out the theme in pencil

Okay, let’s get started with the actual nitty-gritty of starting to draw this plan for the month. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take my pencil and you’ll see, as we go through these steps, I’m going to take my pencil and I’m going to draw out the patterns and the images first. Once I’ve done with all of that, then we’re going to start coloring it in with the pens and all the other bits and bobs. Let’s start at the beginning and work our way through.

How I draw my bullet journal cover page

But don’t feel overwhelmed that I’m starting with March 2021. That is crazy, I know. But I like to be well in advance, and I like to keep my months about six months in advance. That way, I know, when I get there, I’m not as stressed out creating something in the future. I also really wanted to use my Neapolitan notebook. So this is where we’re at, at the moment.

You can see as the theme starts to develop that it is two chopping axes, kind of forestry, kind of woodlandsy, kind of camping feel. I really liked combining a variety of those things that we saw in the initial research to be able to create a cover page that really represented this month. This is the mood tracker that set the entire theme for this month. You’ll see I’m kind of mapping out the outside of the mood tracker. And then each each line in the wood in the center, or each age year, is going to be a mood that I feel. I’m going to keep it really simple with just a couple of different browns to be able to fill in my mood tracker during the month.

Woodlands weekly bullet journal theme

This week was my absolute favorite theme for the entire spreads, or the entire month. I kept it really simple with a metallic brush pen. And then to create the little wood shapes, all I did was I used a light brown in the center and just made a solid light brown color. I then went round the edges with a darker brown to create the bark. This was really easy. And I, again, I don’t have a lot of artistic talent. It was just a really simple thing to do. I then took a darker brown than that to make the final wood pieces and create some texture in the middle. I left a couple of spaces to add some details, like leaves, and then added the little bottom bits as well. You can see adding leaves was really simple. And then I added some mushrooms. Again, a really simple way because the Acrylographs become very opaque when you draw over colors and it just creates a really cool effect and look.

Woodland Animals doodle ideas for bullet journal

This really started stretching my artistic ability. I kind of penciled out some really cute woodland doodles that I had seen, and I tried to keep them as simple as possible because I know that I don’t draw very well. So I wanted some animals that were really easy to draw. And during that research phase, I saw some really cute little animals that I felt seemed easy enough to draw. Regardless of how easy they were, they still came out a little bit wonky because drawing is not my strong point, but that’s totally okay. I’m really proud of myself for trying something different.

After what I felt was really complex woodland animals, I decided to go with something really easy, which was just simple, simple flags. This, you can create a whole variety of different flags and you can add lettering within the flags as well, which I thought was really cool. But as you can see, they are really straightforward. I got a little freaked out by how much energy I had to put into the little woodland animals, so I kept it really simple with these kind of camping field flags.

Bullet journal quote page

Now we’re onto kind of a half week. And you’ll see I’m adding a quote page to it as well. Again, I wanted to create a really simple camping quote page that would be super easy for anyone who’s watching this to give a go. So I would love to see how you recreate this. Feel free to tag us on Instagram when you recreate this, because we really want to see how beautiful it is that you’ve done. I’ve kept it, again, really straightforward. I’m just putting a little bit of lettering at the bottom of the triangle, and I’m adding in some really cute but really simple accents. So we’ve got our sun, we’re going to have some trees, and then we’re going to have a bit of a river flowing down.

Bullet journal memory page with quotes

I’m getting close to the end now, and I’m now creating my memory pages for the end of the month. I love having a memory page. It just helps me remember all the things I’m grateful for during that month. And maybe it’s something big that happened, or something small, or something that just really stood out to me that I wanted to make sure that I jot down.

End of the month “good bye” bullet journal page

To create a clear difference between the end of the month and the start of the month, you can see that I’m creating another quote page here. This time, I’ve got my confidence back a little bit for drawing, but I’m going to pencil out what it is that I’m going to draw. I wanted to create a adventure awaits kind of backpack feel, kind of to close off this camping woodlands vibe that I’ve kind of created for this month. So I’ve kept it really simple and let’s finish it off with some beautiful Acrylograph pens and some beautiful colors.

I know that that was a lot to take in. Don’t freak, though. I’ve actually done an entire transcript of this session and I’ve popped it up on the blog with some pictures. That’s going to help you kind of track back or go forward if you’re looking for specific advice or things that I was talking about during this video.

Thank you so much for being part of today’s Plan With Me. It was really awesome having you watch all the way through, and it would be amazing if you joined us over on Instagram, on Pinterest, over on the blog. And please feel free to hit the subscribe button, give us a thumbs up, and also to hit the notification bell so you know when things are coming out. I’ll pop up some videos right at the end of this that I think you might like as well, a couple of other maybe Plan With Me’s to keep you inspired. I look forward to seeing you next time.

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