Using my Amy Tangerine Planner as a Memory Planner + 3 Tricks to keep up!

When I first received my Amy Tangerine planner from Bonnie, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. The colors were incredible, and the designs were amazing! 

I was ecstatic that 2 of my favorite designers had collaborated on this!

This year i decided to be international about my memory keeping and how I wanted to make this more functional for 2020! It was one of my personal goals, and I really wanted to make sure I also tracked some of the compliments I received and things I was grateful for. Why? Because it is well known and documented that gratitude breeds joy and happiness! 

Over this year – 2020 I will be including a monthly memory planner spread, and I will share this with you.

How do you use a memory planner?

This is such a simple way to create an almost scrapbook version of your life, day to day events that bring joy or even things that bring pain, but do form part of your memories. This doesn’t matter how this looks, and it can be messy or organised, but the best way to do this is to do it retrospectively. 

Now how do you keep track of what you want to put in your memory planner?  

TIP 1: I keep a sticky note in my current planner to be able to track what is happening and what I want to include in my memory planner. At the end of the week, I out some time aside to relax with a wine and do my memory planning!

TIP 2: I keep all the ideas I have for memory keeping in pencil in the monthly layout! This makes it really fun when it comes time to sitting down and making creative goodies!

TIP 3: I use my HP Sprocket to easily print out and cut photos to size to make it really simple to add photos on the run!

What you can do to keep you motivated

If you are finding that you don’t have enough time available to make or keep up with memory keeping but really want to do something simple – why not start small, and just track a word a day in your planner or journal?

Other things that could be fun to track over a month include:

  • Weather
  • World Events
  • A word a day
  • Gratitude
  • A doodle or drawing a day

These simple acts of repetion will start getting you into the habit of focusing on doing your memory planning daily.

I however love to memory plan on a Sunday night which is the end of the week for me.

So! Start small and see how you go! If you want to learn more about memory planning – check out these 29 examples of why memory keeping in your bullet journal is amazing!

What other ways can you use your memory planner?

The possibilities are endless! For me I have tried a couple of different styles, I have tried scrapbooking, doodling, drawing in my days and creating illustrations. I have also kept it really simple by including special momentos and printed photos!

Want to see how I started my memory planning journey?

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