Bring Thailand into your home with these simple Thai inspired Paper Crafts!

With Covid-19, most of the world is on a full lock down, travel is currently only a dream with some borders not letting anyone in, and if you do happen to travel, 14 day isolated quarantine to make sure you aren’t spreading the virus is key. Head over to our blog post about tracking Covid in your bullet journal if you want to learn more.

Tourism Authority of Thailand, reached out and wanted to collaborate on a way to “bring Thailand into your home” and my first thought was to create a vision board of where I would want to travel in Thailand if I could. Now I LIVED in Thailand and was lucky enough to get to travel quite a bit! Living in a country and visiting a country are 2 very different things! I worked in the Oil and Gas industry and lived in a town called Pattaya (Naklua) and worked in Rayong. I had the most amazing apartment and I was able to see the “Sanctuary of Truth” from where I lived.

The things I loved about living in Thailand

This is always such a hard thing to talk about! There were so many things I loved, I loved learning the language, I loved learning about the culture, I loved seeing the amazing art they everyone created, the amazing landscapes, the incredible food! And the people were so friendly! Every Monday and Thursday I would take Thai speaking classes and was able to pick up conversational Thai really quickly! While the letters seem confusing, once you can spell something out, you can recognise the sound of the word and work out what something says.

The beaches and temples were another favorite of mine. Being able to explore, what felt like, untouched beaches, with these stunning towering Wats (Temples) behind them was just awe inspiring.

To be honest I would happily move back in a heart beat!

About Tourism Thailand

Tourism Thailand is dedicated to increasing the services and range of services offered to tourists! That means you can be confident in the level of value you are receiving when visiting Thailand!

There are a ton of awesome resources on the TAT site, which cover day trips all the way through to long trips, where to go, food to eat and much much more!

Creating a Travel Doodle Page

What will you need?

  1. Your Notebook – I am using my Archer and Olive Zodiac Notebook
  2. I am using a mix of Acrylograph Pens and Paint
  3. I am also using some fine liners and brush pens

Steps to making the Thai doodles

The first thing you will want to do is create a rough idea of where you want to place all your doodles

Start adding in more details as you go!

Once you feel happy with how it looks – go over the doodles in pen! Remember to mix your hand-lettering and fonts!

Now it is time to start going over the drawn in pen doodles with paint!

Here we are stating with the gold and adding colors as I go!

Once you have popped in the gold, start adding in the other pain details on your page

Finally add in the last little details! Add little accents and bursts of color!

Creating a Thai Inspired Paper Craft Page

What we will need for this project!

  • Cricut Maker
  • Colored craft paper
  • IPad and Pencil

Getting started is easy! On a blank piece of paper sketch out the idea you want to create!

Select the colors you want to use – this will give you an idea of how many layers you will need! You want to create a simple border that you can use as your base line.

Start including shapes and patterns that are not toooooooooo detailed because they wont cut well!

Start adding the layers to correspond with the colors of craft paper you have chosen.

You are ready to send it off to cut!

Piece all the cut craft papers together and past them into your notebook

Watch the full video on how we made these below!

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