4 Creative lettering styles for your Bullet Journal

Finding your own creative style in your bujo can be really hard. Here we have put together 4 styles of watercolor lettering to be an alternative and creative lettering styles for your bullet journal. 

If you are looking for more “how to letter” tutorials – don’t be shy to head over and check out our post on hand lettering and then some awesome calligraphy styles to include.

When looking for a journal that can cope with the wetness of watercolor, head here to see which journals we recommend

The full how-to video on creating watercolor letters



Watercolor Florals

What I used:

Black Pen and Derwent Watercolor Pencils

  1. I started by penciling in the outline. This makes it easy to follow with the florals later
  2. I then used simple florals to create the outline of the letter. You can find tons of floral images online, I used some I saw in our post on feminine florals
  3. I colored it in with the derwent watercolor pencils
  4. Blended with water and a brush and left to dry.


Watercolor Letter with accents

What I used:

Black Pen and Karin Markers

  1. For this I penciled the shape of the C
  2. I then added flourishes and shading, this creates depth
  3. Karin recommends using watercolor paper for best results and I did just that!
  4. I then colored it in and blended it with some water


Lovely Letter L

What I used:

Black Pen and Prima Marketing Watercolor Paints

  1. Here I used my circle stencil and ruler to create a rough outline
  2. I then went round and created flourishes


Simple Letter M

What I used?

Black Pen and my jaydens apple stencil  and tombow markers

  1. First i simply outlined the letter M
  2. Then I mapped out the shape with my rule and stencil from jaydens apple
  3. I then created a boarder around the M
  4. I added flourishes in and around the letter
  5. I then colored in the M with my Tombow markers
  6. I then blended the markers with a little bit of water to create a pretty ombre effect

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