Using your Bullet Journal For Business + 7 Tips to get started!

Have you been wondering what you can do to improve your business productivity? Running a small business can be challenging onto its own. So how can you use your bullet journal for business to make to this easier for yourself? 

Combining the two things you love, bujo and planning for your business. You don’t need two or 3 planners to make sure you are meeting the targets and milestones you set yourself in your business! 

As a small business owner I know how overwhelming it can feel trying to keep track of all the aspects you need to track in your business, from expenses, to taxes, orders, shipments, social media posts. When you own a business you end up being all the things that a large business needs! Postage and handling, PR, Operations. So why add extra stress on yourself by having extra notebooks or books that really just divide up your tasks? 

Are you wanting to manage projects specifically? Check out our post on KanBan and Projects in your Bullet journal. 

My 7 tips to making combining your small business journal and your day to day journal:

  1. Include key events and shopping holidays in your future log! That way you can know months in advance when you need to prepare content or emails.
  2. Use your backpages to track income and expenses and orders. I personally use them to track my website page views and details!
  3. Show graphs and trackers to show online changes, that way you can visually see how things change over time. 
  4. If you use a travel notebook use an entire travel notebook for business trackers.
  5. If you are still learning to run a business, use some of your pages to jot down really great advice from good podcasts or trainings! 
  6. You can easily add project management and backlogs into your journal. Just keep the spreads minimal!
  7. Use sticky notes to move information around that you might need regularly rather that repeatedly writing it down.

Our Featured Business spread bullet journals!

Here Jess has used her spread to track what she has posted and how it performed!

Using Bujo For Business

Here we can see a brain storm on good ideas for videos to post

Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business

This spread has been used to track blog posts and what has been coming up

Using Bujo For Business

On this post, we have a lot of great things happening! Tracking challenges, as well as videos to watch and things to read. Goals for the business have been included and I really like that it has been kept simple, but seems really productive!

Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business
Using Bujo For Business

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